Stunting on a Hypermotard 1100S


I think that the Hypermotard is one of the most entertaining and unique machines Ducati has come up with yet. I have been wanting to try this machine for some time yet, but it is hard to come by.


Like any other biker you always enjoy some good stunting, in the right enviroment, not the idiots you see on the roads in Kuwait. But getting full control of your machine like Ernie Vigil. I wish I just have 25% of his skill, if my front tire comes off the ground even 10 centimeters I got this strange sensation in my stomach, but what he does is amazing on such a fun bike.

Link: YouTube

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. jewaira

    wow, wow, wow

  2. I’ve never liked these kinds of bikes, a7esa chena gaary bs imkashkheena =/

  3. damn, he’s so good~! “

    i only want 10%

  4. JoJo

    last week there was one in TriStar but this week it was gone !!

  5. amazing! im looking fwd to put my hands on it!! how much does it cost in kuwait anyway!!?

  6. jewaira: yup!

    Outkasty: lol!

    vampire: damn good!

    Laialy: its SuperMoto, which has similarities!

    JoJo: Its a nice bike!

    Alvaro: I’m not sure, you can contact Tristar Kuwait and they can give you the price!

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