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My Infrant NAS NV replacement PSU will be arriving in a couple of days thanks to Netgear Support, so I’m going to jump the gun and order some hard drives for the empty racks. Currently I have been looking at a few 1 TB drives, but those drives have to be verified by Infrant to work with the NAS and all its features, some drives don’t seem to work. I’m considering the Hitachi and the Western Digital drives which are really good but both have different benefits.

  • Western Digital WD10EACS Caviar GP 1 TB SATA II 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
    • Quiet
    • Low power consumption
    • Good Reviews
    • A Bit Slow
    • Low Price ($255)
  • Hitachi HDS721010KLA330 Deskstar 7K1000 1 TB SATA 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
    • Powerful
    • 32 MB Buffer (Fast Data Retrievel)
    • Good Reviews
    • A Bit Noisy
    • Price ($310)

Right now these are the two that I am looking at, they are both high quality drives so I am not very worried about the reliability. What I am worried about is the noise since that is one of the details that reviewers have listed and this is a NAS so you can hear the drives. Data speed is important but I think my bottle neck would be the network and not the hard drive speed.

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  1. Dual gigabit ethernet should be fast enough.

  2. lfc-q8

    WD u can find in kuwait with 1 year waranty but i dont think u can find the hitachi
    last week i got 2 of the 1tb WD

  3. I’m building a NAS myself and have opted to NEVER buy any box that has a hardware raid option or force me to use that option only.

    If that raid card died, you MUST buy a box with the same card to be able to read your data from the disks. Another problem, is that with hardware raid, you have to have all disks to be of the same brand.

    These limitations are not faced when using software RAID.

    Currently, my solution is using a PC with OpenFiler installed (a Linux-based storage management OS). I have a post on that on my blog, but it’s still a messy work in progress.

    Feel free to email me if you have further questions.

  4. Rob Quarters

    First off, you do realize that if you have 2 1TB drives in your Infrant, and any smaller drives, you won’t get the use of the full capacity of the 1TB drives.

    Infrant uses RAID, and you will be bound to lowest common denominator. If you have 2x1TB and 2x500GB, all 4 drives will be treated at 500GB…

    The only system I know of that lets you use mixed drives is Drobo from Data Robotics. Drobo uses technology that is fundamentally different from RAID for this to happen.

    Just be aware.

  5. 3baid: The infrant has only 1 ethernet port.

    lfc-q8: how much, I just got mine for 90KD

    MBH: That happened to me, but I don’t mind since the interface and the operation of the hardware is very simple and efficient. I know the limitations of hardware and software raid, but in this case I do prefer hardware raid.

    TRiPLE M: I went with WD, since its available.

    Rob Quarters: I know that they have Raid 0/1/5 and X-Raid. Raid 0 is the only configuration which allows you to fully utilize the hard drive space. All my hard drives are going to be 1 TB drives, so I don’t have that issue. Thanks for the heads up, also I love the Drobo, I want to try it one day and now it has a network adapter.

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