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1 Terabyte Drives


My Infrant NAS NV replacement PSU will be arriving in a couple of days thanks to Netgear Support, so I’m going to jump the gun and order some hard drives for the empty racks. Currently I have been looking at a few 1 TB drives, but those drives have to be verified by Infrant to work with the NAS and all its features, some drives don’t seem to work. I’m considering the Hitachi and the Western Digital drives which are really good but both have different benefits.

  • Western Digital WD10EACS Caviar GP 1 TB SATA II 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
    • Quiet
    • Low power consumption
    • Good Reviews
    • A Bit Slow
    • Low Price ($255)
  • Hitachi HDS721010KLA330 Deskstar 7K1000 1 TB SATA 3.5-Inch Hard Drive
    • Powerful
    • 32 MB Buffer (Fast Data Retrievel)
    • Good Reviews
    • A Bit Noisy
    • Price ($310)

Right now these are the two that I am looking at, they are both high quality drives so I am not very worried about the reliability. What I am worried about is the noise since that is one of the details that reviewers have listed and this is a NAS so you can hear the drives. Data speed is important but I think my bottle neck would be the network and not the hard drive speed.