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Alghanim Electronics and some issues


A few things have been annoying me with Alghanim Electronics, they have become sort of a warehouse of electronics in Kuwait. They have also recently opened in Avenues mall, and it is a mix of items in that store. If your not sure of some electronic product you want, you can pass by and check out what they have. They have taken the distributorship of different brands from the small places in Kuwait to themselves.

One of those brands is Onkyo, the reason I went through the hectic loops of getting the an Onkyo receiver from outside Kuwait is because they don’t seem to bring the new models which have been out for over 6 months now. It used to belong to ETC the home theater company, and their margins were reasonable but the same product ETC sold, Alghanim sold at another 25% markup. One receiver that I saw they were selling at 1500 KD, ETC was selling at 1000 KD, and even with the 20% cash discount it would be 1200 KD. They would still be making a huge margin, they took away the competition leaving them no room to work. Their pricing is pretty bad on some products and they don’t have the best support, unless you buy their “extra” warranty.

Then there is the cabling, they are the dealers of Monster Cables from the US. They have all the different types of cables for Video, Audio, Accessory Connectivity, and more. This is great as options for us, but their pricing is also very high. They sell 15 ft HDMI cable for around for around 20 KD, and the 6 ft ones for 8 KD, these prices are slightly inflated by 150 to 400% depending on the length. Its just really annoying seeing this type of pricing for all the products, they think people are idiots, they raise the prices high enough and provide a discount making it look like they got it for cheaper.