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Burger Run!


Who said eat light is healthier, who ever said that never felt hungry. I had a light lunch early in the day, by 7pm I was hungry as hell and I couldn’t think straight since I wanted to eat something, and I didn’t want to eat at the same time.

By 7:10 pm there was no return, I had to eat something and I had to decide quickly. I went through my thought process and decided to go for a burger, but where. Fuddruckers popped into mind, and so I ordered from the one in Dahya Abdulla Al Salem since it will be less traffic and I don’t have to leave my car. I took off flying there so that I could continue my Smallville marathon weekend.


  • Buffalo Wings
  • Cheddar Cheese Burger with Grilled Onions & French Fries

That really hit the spot and was worth the drive.