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Rock Band and more


This is just one those games that you have to get into it to enjoy it. It was late at night and we were finishing up all the things we had to finish, I headed over to K’s place to go watch some movies and I found playing rock band, one person on guitar and one on drums. I took the microphone waiting to join in, I am no way as skilled as those already playing.

I joined in after a few songs, it was a good start and then there was this one song that we completely aced. I have always liked rock songs but now I have a new found appreciation for them. We were getting into it but I needed to have a bottle of water next to me because the microphone is sensitive as hell. With this game you realize all the musical talents that you could have which is fantastic. I also have a huge amount of respect for rock musicians, when I am three to four songs in my throat is almost gone and I found out that I am good with mid to low range and sometimes high tones, but at some points I just couldn’t hold it at a certain tone, its insane. By the time the game is done I don’t want to talk just to recover from all the songs, and you really get into it.