Review: Alien Vs. Predator Requiem


I have been looking forward to this movie for a long time, I have been a fan of predator since Predator 2. My expectations haven’t been met over the years, the first AVP was a bit disappointing but interesting. This seemed as if it was going to be a better story but it wasn’t the case either. I won’t ruin the story, but if your a fan of this sci-fi franchise then you should watch it. It just isn’t satisfying, it feels like they didn’t know who to concentrate on and the usually the Predator has a relationship with one character but in this one neither the Alien nor the Predator have anything to do with the people, the people fee like they were just in the way.


The ending was a bit annoying, but I still did enjoy the movie. It could have been done a lot better then what they did, but its always fun watching the Predator beat the crap out of the Alien at different points.

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  1. Hellraiser

    Worst Alien Movie todate, too many characters, way too many close shots,way too many aireal shots. obviously the director was trying to appeal to a wider audience by introducing young kids and a small love affair in the movie, what a mess my rating is one Star.

  2. I heard it wasn’t that good.. so I don’t think I will be watching it. Check out Rosario + Vampire (it is still running but give it a go when it is done) it is a very interesting and fun anime so far!

  3. Q80 In Denver

    Crappy Movie!

  4. Hellraiser: Really? I just enjoyed the action! But your right the director tried to combine too many things!

    N: I will check it out!

    Q80 In Denver: lol!

    Damon Dash: Of course!

  5. stu

    well you lot dont have brains or bolloks to think with
    the new movie is shit loads better then the first its actually done right where the predator is stronger then the aliens! unliek that bolloks in the first where one lil alien kills two predatos pfft
    if you dont like the 2nd one then you dont know wat a decent movie is

  6. Deathnote

    Much better than the first one (where a gal managed to kill off an alien bare hand?? – WTF).

    In here, the Predator was brutal, deadly and didn’t take no prisoner or tried to smooches up to a human.

    Enjoyed the film, it’s going back to the old ‘see anything, kill anything’ kinda attitude for the Aliens. And the Predator, you will see why they are the arse kicking top of the food chain in this movie.

  7. stu: I disagree.. the Predators are race of warriors who can’t be beat that easily! Predator 2 is the best for me!

    Deathnote: I meant AVP1 and AVP2 not the first Alien! I wish that they made something like Predator 2, that would be sick.. something where humans were prepared this time!

  8. slayer

    avp 1 and 2 would have to be the best movies

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