30 Rock


I was curious about this show, and I didn’t hear much about it. The only thing I have to say is that this is one of the funniest shows in a long time, it is refreshing. Tina Fey is the creator of the show and she is a genius. This TV show is about a TV show that is done in NBC in Rockefeller Plaza and Tina is one of the main characters trying to run the production of her show. Alec Baldwin is the new boss in NBC and he is making things happen. I have to say that Alec Baldwin is hilarious in his role, and Tracy Jordan is fantastic in the show.


Some how they managed to get the right combination for the cast, they pulled it off and its hilarious. I hope this show keeps going as refreshing as it is, I can’t stop laughing from episode to episode. I recommend it for everyone to watch.

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  1. it’s smart/witty humor.. at first i wasnt impressed, but the way they subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) attack stereo-types and politics is what drew me in. Tina Fey’s done a great job!

  2. I wanna see This Show!! As Soon As Im Done With king Of Queens–LOST–Nip Tuck Ill move on to 30 Rock!

    Im So behind on Shows its all cause of my Stupid INternet:(


  3. Which season are you at right now? Hehehe because it’s insane! I hated it in the beginning but then got to love it just like I do Friday Night Lights. Madre something just didn’t speak to me the second I started watching it but later on I couldn’t live without getting my fix of Alex Baldwin, Tina Fey, Tracy Jordan, or even that guy Kenneth the Page Guy hehehe they are just insanely fun!

  4. i wasn’t into it at first but i was hooked after the 4th episode..tina fay and alec baldwin are hilaruos 2gether

  5. Tina Fey is HILARIOUS!!! Ever since she left SNL its not the same without her… have you guys seen her skits on SNL???

  6. I watched it a few times but I haven’t really become a fan, but its pretty funny

  7. MSB: Exactly, its all the little things and very smart comedy! Loving it!

    rashisha: Its much better then all of them, you will enjoy it!

    Jacqui: I’m on season 2 on the last episode! I’m caught up! Its a hilarious show, from the beginning! A different taste to it!

    fashionated: yup!!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: She is funny as hell!

    Laialy: I think you should watch it, and in Kuwait you will have the time!

  8. I love their acting. I watched it once bil sidfa on showtime and i liked it. its witty and cheeky too.

    Alec Baldwin is the best in it. So is the Tracy guy.

  9. Fhaid

    This has got to be the funniest 20 minutes of TV. It triumphs over The Office, if possible. So glad I accidentally clicked it on Amazon and bought it out of curiosity! Tina Fey and the christian tour guide guy are hilarious!


    I LOVE LOVE LOVEEE 30 Rock!! Tina Fey is a comedic genuis (She wrote the screenplay to Mean Girls for god’s sake!!)

    I love all the charachters but my favourite are Tracy, Liz and Jenna. And of course Kenneth lol

  11. This Lady: hahaha! The Tracy guy, I wish he would hear you, he is just nuts! Like you said, witty and cheeky comedy!

    Fhaid: It is just hilarious, I can’t stop laughing when watching the show!

    MEANBOY: Yup, very good! They are genius! Jack, Liz, Kenneth, Harold (Big Glasses) are my favorite characters! Just hilarious!

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