Giants Superbowl Champions


The New York Giants dug their feet in and Eli Manning took it to the top. Nobody thought they would take it, but their defense dominated and they pushed the Patriots back. They had their backs against the wall and they were strong through out the season. The Giants defense put immense pressure on Tom Brady, they just went for him throughout the game. This is a well deserved win and they put their effort into it, and played it cool throughout the game.

This was worth messing up my sleep before going to work, and now I will be running on two hours of sleep and remembering the last 1 minute of the game when they pulled it off.

Link: ESPN

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  1. it was beauty in its purest form!!!! the mannings are probably the happiest family in the world right now! back to back superbowls, back to back mvps.. and wow, what a rush towards the end… go Giants ! :)

  2. ok fine they won they “earned” it but i am not a happy camper :(

  3. El Aly

    Beautiful win, the Pats from the opening drive seemed to have already rehearsed their post-game perfection speeches. Belichek(sp?) leaving the field early was a slap in the face to Coughlin and the rest of the Giants but he got the last laugh; beautiful win :)

    On a slight side note, zook torrent the pilot for Friday Night Lights( not the movie obviously). It’s probably my favorite tv series sports-based drama.

  4. mustafa

    T_T but the giants deserved it they played and gave it 110% and pulled it off congrats.

  5. Kim

    What a game!!!! Had a great time. Sorry you had to work after.

  6. MSB: I agree 100000%! What a rush!

    fashionated: EXACTLY! lol

    El Aly: I have the whole siries you idiot!!! And Belichek is a bitch for walking out!

    EniGma: :D

    mustafa: yup yup!

    Kim: It was hell to work, but worth it!

  7. FLA813

    That was awsome, I hate the Pats and every other Boston team and they got what they deserved. I seriously got tired of hearing Pats fans gloat, theyre cockyness certainly lead to their destruction on Sunday.. That’s exactly what you get when you jump the gun on the parade planning :P
    Oh it was a sweet victory and I will be reminding all my friends in Boston of that day for the rest of their lives :D

    (Now it’s time to take care of them Celtics)

  8. EniGma: Shinsawy, those at top fall the hardest!

    FLA813: lol, damn you have it built up, but I know how you feel! I hate how cocky they are, I like the team but the fans I hate!

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