Western Digital 1 TB Drive


So I have decided to go with the Western Digital drive since speed isn’t my top priority even though I would have liked it. Since the NAS is running in my room I wouldn’t want it running too loud while I’m asleep, right now at night there is a light hum from all the equipment that is running.

I have found the 1 TB Drive being sold at 90 KD in Hawally which is 16 KD more expensive then online without shipping. Since its available and not so much more expensive I don’t mind paying that price to have 2 drives right now to work with. My PSU has arrived so I will be able to use my Infrant Ready NAS NV as soon as I install the new PSU and hard drives.

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  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    if u look around i think u can get its for less in hawalli

  2. Corolla Man: I even know their margin, the problem is that not everyone carries it!

    Murqab: nah!

  3. lfc-Q8

    i got the wd 1tb for 88

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