ATI Radeon HD 3870


I have been looking at different graphics cards for the perfect HTPC, since now I know exactly what I want to get from the HTPC and the perfect software to run as a media library for all the files.

Since I want to watch all HD and high quality movies and shows, I have decided to upgrade my graphics card. I have always been a fan of nVidia but I keep reading good reviews for the ATI Radeon 3870 and with 512 MB it packs a punch. Also DDR4 ram is more oriented towards processing movies and animation rather then games so it fits the bill perfectly. Unlike the very expensive nVidia cards this card goes for around $230 which isn’t bad for a high end card. This is one the first steps to getting a powerful HTPC to do the job.

Link: Guru3d

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  1. lfc-q8

    heheehe mine is on its way now over 10 days stuck with aramex :) i got the visiontek

  2. knafa

    Marzoug do you know where i can find medium and high end graphic cards, most shops in khaldoun street have crappy cards, but maybe i miss something.

  3. lfc-q8: I’m thinking about picking Daimong!

    knafa: there is one place inside wala’a complex on the ground floor and you make left into the left wing, and then the fourth shop on your right, they have gaming rigs but expensive!

  4. lfc-q8

    i guess daimond is a much better brand but when i orderd mine the only 1 that was in stock at amazon was the visiontek so i got it
    now u can go for the 3870 x2 which is 1 slot 2 cards and less then $500 which is amazing and powerful for both games and htpc

  5. lfc-q8: I just want the 512 GM DDR4 which is meant specific for video processing, I think it will do the job for me and its for $250!

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