Hard Drive Run


After going to Hawally to pick up the two Western Digital 1 TB drives I was ready to get stared. These drives look like solid drives and they are relatively quiet compared my Seagate hard drives. Before the installation I cleaned up the Infrant ReadyNAS NV and I got the new hard drive harnesses to install into this machine. I followed the instructions step by step, and I did a preliminary configuration of the Infrant, but I will be upgrading the firmware after the full installation.


When installation the hard drives they have to be synced in, and they are set into X-Raid which is Infrants’ proprietary form of raid and it keeps things safe. I bought two WD drives from Kuwait for 90 KD, and I will expand another two later, but those I will be ordering online. The volume creation and syncing has taken a couple of hours, but I will be organizing my network later. I need to start off with the network cables, they really need to be cleaned up and organized.


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  1. hehehe half of this post sounded like mumbo jumbo gibberish, anyways mabrook :)

  2. Laialy: loooool! I’m a nerd at heart, and a very happy one at that! lol

  3. n

    agool marzouq hows the NAS u have is it good, cuz am looking for one, plus do u know if its available in hawali or did u get urs online thanx

  4. n: Its very good, very easy to setup and very reliable and I recommend getting 4 hard drives for the whole thing! I got mine online which takes about a week to two from Amazon.

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