Internet Connection Upgrade


K post on the internet prices from Infoconnect and there are some very nice deals. Currently I have a 1.5 MB connection from Qualitynet which I am going to upgrade to 4 MB since the price is very reasonable, 850 KD isn’t too bad for that much speed and originally when they first launched it the price was 1600 KD.

Hopefully my line will be able to support this speed, and by the time I want more speed I hope they connect fiber to homes in Kuwait.

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  1. Ja

    70 KD is NOT reasonable no matter how you cut it!

  2. Ja

    Thats 70/month mind you :P

  3. El Aly

    haha I had that mindset a number of years back too Ja

  4. punky

    yeah its still not reasonable, and don’t hold your breath for fiber any time soon. Remember our country is going backwards, always backwards

  5. lfc-Q8

    yesterday i upgraded my 1mb qnet to 2mb but it didnt work my line didnt support it :(
    so they open a ticket and lets see if they can sort it out

  6. Ja: I am comparing to Kuwait, if I had any other option I would go for cheaper, but we don’t in Kuwait :)

    El Aly: Kuwait is Expensive

    punky: We go back in time, this is the best you can get right now. Thats the problem!

    Laialy: Yup, FOR THEM!

    lfc-Q8: I hope they can sort it out, that is the most frustrating thing!

  7. 4 Mb for 850KD awesome!
    Marzoug I need your advice on some connection issue, I am using the 512Kb speed, the router is located in the second floor, some parts of the first floor does not receive the signal at all and sometimes it turns to be very poor, does the repeater solve this problem? any suggestion for a good brand repeater?

  8. jaja

    if i were you i would’ve gone for the 1140 KD/year 4mbps KEMS connection instead, it’s slightly more expensive but at least you guarantee a reliable service, very very stable and amazingly good, not to mention an upload speed as fast as your down speed.

  9. Tartooob

    DAMN, I thought 850 KD per month, I was like WTF ? lol then I rear jaja comment its per year -,- anyway am sure your internet is much better than uae internet, atleast you have other companies to choose from. Damn Monopoly

  10. Waleed

    I have just upgraded to 3 MB it looks ok but my advice is to call qualitynet support first and check whther your line can support the 4 MB

  11. jewaira

    Am looking for good KEMS deals

  12. Q80 In Denver

    Allah y3eenkom :p Still not bad! Ya 7alat 12 MB for $55 :)) ;p

  13. damn that sucks hahaha I have 8mb for 20kd a month along with free cable tv ;p

    why the hell so expensive?!

  14. Technogal: The repeater might fix the problem, but you are better off getting a strong access point such as a Buffalo… get a long wire and plug in the access point in a different part of the house, you are much better off doing that.

    Tartooob: That is very true, at least we get some choices which is much better!

    Waleed: I did that already, my line can support which is good!

    jewaira: Same here!

    Q80InDenver: Your killing me, wait until you get back!

    Ananyah: Because MOC charges so much! It drives us nuts!

  15. Q80 In Denver

    LooooooooL ;p

  16. Q80InDenver: I will have the last laugh when you get back, everybody eventually comes back!

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