Smallville Season 6


I just can’t get enough of this show, I’m all caught up with season 6 and I just watched episode one of season 7. Season 6 was one hell of roller coaster, they made things really interesting and they seem to be integrating a lot of the stories from DC Comics. What I like about this season of Smallville is that it isn’t just about the next Kryptonite bad guy but about the relationships in Clark Kents life and how he was developed. Whoever is picking the music for the show is a genius they have gotten it right from day one, and with those important scenes they get the right songs going.


A lot of action with a lot of drama, a great show and I don’t know how they are going to wrap it up with season 8 next year.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. I think I stopped watching the show since season 4 started. One day, I’m gonna borrow the DVDs from my cousin and watch them. I’m amazed how much drama a superhero show like Smallville have.

  2. the girl in the pictures looks scorchingly hot!!

  3. jaja

    KWT23: if you mean lois, no she is not hot, she is HAWT

  4. i think i might give the show a try and download the first season just cuz of this “HAWT” lady :P

  5. Call me crazy.. but I love the bald guy :D
    Last I saw.. he was the bad guy? Is he still the bad guy??
    Because who doesn’t love a bald bad guy!! :D

  6. Lois is the hotness!!!

  7. Angelo: Its just a really in depth story and about Superman developed into the man that he is, just amazing!

    KWT23: very hawt, that is Lois Lane!

    jaja: loool!

    KWT23: she is in season 4 or 5 onwards! hahaha

    Hamitaf La Bookay: He is still a bad guy to a certain degree! Bald guys are the men!

    N: yup!

  8. cheezball

    i really like all the seasons they have made in the past couple years but season 8 to be the last well i think they should make more and not stop at 8!

  9. cheezball: It is going to stop at 8 for sure, but I hope they go out in a bang!

  10. AliciaBanks

    This is my favorite season of Smallville and I’m so mad how i have every other season I DVD except for this one. I ended up downloaded them…but I might actually go out and buy it. I am in love with Smallville. I’m not a superman fan, just a Smallville fan. Yay SMALLVILLE!

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