Under Armour Trainers


I’m a fan of Under Armour products and they are now coming out with trainers. If their under clothing is any indication of the quality work that they produce then I am very much interested in getting these trainers. I don’t usually buy trainers but I’m interested in these trainers and they seem to have a lot of features making it seem comfortable.

Price: $80 – $100

Link: UnCrate

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. looks cool…but i have to wait for my ankle to heal (it’s been one month and it hasn’t gotten any better!)

  2. oh yeah, and do u know any store in kuwait that sells Under Armour products?

  3. They have a nice look, but aham shay if they’re comfy or not!

  4. KWT23: Damn, I hope you get better! I haven’t seen one yet! I order mine online!

    Laialy: hmm, it seems comfortable!

    Outkasty: Different models :D

    N: I bet they are very comfy!

  5. Tahir afridi

    i am the fan of underarmour fashionable shirts .

  6. Under urmour kw

    There is a guy bought some t-shirts and shorts from US for sell
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