Canon King Kong Lens


This is a custom made lens from Canon that has been produced from 1993 to 2005, the 1200mm Telephoto Lens. It is 84 centimeters long and weighs in at 16 Kgs.

What the hell were they taking pictures of, spacecrafts? This thing is humongous, the price of it is another matter. Canon made 2 or 3 of these a year and they would sell for $99’000, and the used ones are still selling for that price. Either you get two nice cars with this amount of money or a lens that could shoot down planes.

Link: UnCrate

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  1. i would shoot my friends waving for me from a plane with this !!
    pretty expensive though.

  2. Kim

    excellent use of the word humongous :)

  3. QueenKong

    Interesting. Just buy a good Celestial/Terrestrial scope and adjust a Can. Eos at the end of it and it will give you the same amount of magnification with a good quality for less than 2,000 dollars.

  4. Holy crap!!!

    I’d choose nice cars please :)

  5. They were taking pictures of me I was in the airplane lookin’
    out the window and winking and raising my eyebrows up and downs :P

  6. OMG!! i don’t think there is anything on “earth” that needs that kind of lens :x even when you take pictures of the moon :x

  7. jaja

    i’d take that with me to miami, will take high quality pictures at the beach, pretty colors

  8. LooooooooooL
    the possibilities for taking pictures are endless but the prices are insane … but think of the paparazzi who make a living of taking pictures of famous people … i’m sure they wouldn’t mind one

  9. bo9agr: yup!

    eshda3wa: no clue!

    Kim: Thank you :D lol

    QueenKong: I have no clue how that would fit! lol

    Angelo: exactly!

    7zaya: looool

    outlaw: yeah, I would use a real telescope for that!

    jaja: I would just get a nice car!!! Then the girls would come close!

    Laialy: They would launch a missile from it!

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