Yaris = Fun


This can only be described as “Dude Wheres My Car?” moment, it was late, I was hungry, K was close by. For 20 minutes I couldn’t figure out where I wanted to get food from, but I had an issue that I didn’t want to go anywhere either. I called Munch based on K’s recommendation but they were closed, so I was back to square one.

I was watching a movie that I really felt like but I was still hungry, so about 20 minutes in I thought of something since it wasn’t too far.

I decided to go Hardees for some good old junk food, by that time K had arrived.

We took the back streets of Mishref which can be considered an off-road rally at some points to Hardees, and I ordered the following:

  • 2 Hot Dogs w/ Chilli
  • French Fries
  • 2 Cookies

The cookies weren’t for me, but damn I was feeling that hot dog. It was hilarious riding in the Yaris! Did you know that the Yaris has 6, SIX, cup holders up front, and it only has two speakers in the car. I have to say that we were laughing the whole way around, that is probably one of the funnest cars just to drive around in during these adventures.

Then we settled in to finish the movie, just a funny night.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    I just want to say that finally I got my corolla engine thanks for Zaheds help skynet is the best. I can realy relate to your article, log time I have been telling the people about these small car, they have a different type fun than the big dowgs.

  2. I could really really really use the six cup holder thing!! I mean I really could use a six cup holder thing!!!

  3. six cup holders??? who ever design the car was thinking of consumings a six pack if you know what i mean *wink*

  4. Tartooob

    Its a Toyota, What did you expect ? =P

  5. i think the designers cunfused cup holders with speakers, a small funky car shoul have six or more speakers not six cup holders.

  6. 6 cup holders? It looks that it barely fits 4 people!

  7. LOL! 6????? why… why.. haha..

  8. Amjad: Very much!

    Corolla Man: hahahaa! Congrats! Lets see Hachi Roko do his thing!!!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: hahaha! What would you put in it?

    Laialy: hahahaha! I think I have an idea!

    Tartoob: The Cups or the drive?

    bo9agr: I agree, but it is different!

    Salah: It fits four people comfortably!

    Damon Dash: not mine :D

    N: no clue! lol

  9. Actually, I think you are confused. I have a Yaris and there are only 2 cup holders. They are up on the dash right next to the windows. Its rather stupid, actually. Better than 6 though, that would be ridiculous!

  10. Jessica: Maybe the one in the states is different, but the one in the Middle East has 6 cups holders!

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