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Casio Limited Edition MRG-8000G


I don’t think there is anyone that hasn’t had a Casio G-Shock, I remember back in the day I had a Black and Red G-Shock that I would hit anything I could. It had so many features, I didn’t know how many people I could time running to play hide and seek. This is just what made Casio watches, and now they have come up with one that costs a pretty penny and they put some extra touches into it.

It has an 18 carat gold ring and gold accents on the watch face, a titanium bezel and all black metal finish. Casio’s ‘Tough Solar’ technology which uses solar panel in the watch face to recharge the battery and with a price tag of $4900 and only 200 being made very few people will be buying it.

Link: OhGizmo