Friday Ride Around Town!


It was a bit of windy and cloudy morning, got up to a few phone calls around 8am. We were going to keep our ride in town since the wind could pick up, but we still wanted to ride.


As vampire said he had a surprise which was an upgraded Ducati, a very interesting one at that. He got a Monster S4R which is a very fun motorcycle, it handles better, more power, and a lot more fun then the regular Monster.


We took off down the road and this has turned into an interesting ride. Since now all the machines are quite capable of going fast and handling this turned out to be an interesting ride.

It was a fun day, the best was the sun was coming out as it got closer to the afternoon. The streets were empty which is the best part and we ran into a friend who was driving to the gym as we were riding down the road, we waved and kept going down the road.











A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Outkasty: Alah e3afeech! It was just a fluke of picture from the next post! :D

  2. stop posting ducati pics :(

    glad u enjoyed ur ride o lets hope for even better weather this weekend

  3. fashionated: I hope it gets better too! I always post Ducati pics, can’t help it!! :)

  4. Kim

    Sounds like you had a good time. Vampire’s new bike looks great (although there was nothing wrong with the old monster)

  5. Congrats Vampire, now you are on the right track :)
    now I can say that the 3 bikes are equally exotic :)

  6. FLA813

    Hey I have a random question about helmets.
    I need to get a new helmet and I’m thinking of getting an AGV helmet I really like,
    did you ever try on one of those? I’m thinking of buying it online and I’m concerned
    about comfort and fit. what do you think? should I just go with Arai?

  7. i miss the simplicity of my old bike but this one will make me forget about it ;) it’s damn good,, i already miss it since i’m out of the country

    c u guys in the weekend enshala

  8. Laialy: Very soon, you shall see him!

    Kim: Very good! This monster is very nice! :)

    kodder: yup, they are on the same terms and they take things abit differently! Beautiful machines!

    FLA813: I did try AGV, the quality of the interior of the helmet isn’t nice at all! Go with either Shoei, ARAI, or scorpion! They have comfortabel interiors!

    vampire: You are entering into something new now! This weekend is going to be fun!

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