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Review: Applebees Mishref


I was hungry and I knew the new Applebees was open in Mishref but I heard that it wasn’t that good from a friend. I took the jump and decided to try even though it went against my usual rule. The rule is simple, if I’m hungry then go to some place I know is good so that I will be happy with my decision, but tonight I felt risky.


I Googled Applebees Mishref and found the contact number right away so I called for a Cheddar Cheese Burger with Fries, and I asked for it medium so that they won’t burn it to a piece of rubber. They told me it would take 8 – 10 minutes which I thought was pretty good, I took a bit to find my car keys then I headed down. As I was driving they called me telling my order was ready which is pretty fast.


When I arrived there were a few cars parked outside, there is ample parking but I double parked up front. I walked in and I got the strangest looks, but I’m assuming its because I was holding a very big camera with me. I wanted to take some pictures inside but there were families so I decided to take a picture in area where no one was seated. I paid but they didn’t have any change and it took them more time to find change then it did to make the food, but they were very friendly about it.


The ToGo box is very smart and meant to keep the fries from getting soggy. I took the food and flew home since I was hungry and I wanted to continue my show. I unpacked the food and it looked ok, the fries were a bit bland. As I got into the burger was ok, nothing special but it was cooked right. There was something about the meat then just wasn’t what I expected and the fries just didn’t taste that good. The food wasn’t horrible but it wasn’t that good either, the best part of my meal was the ice cold coke. I don’t think I will be passing by there again, I would rather driver all the way to the city to pick up some burgers from Fuddruckers which is a lot.