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Smallville Season 7 and more


And it just keeps on kicking, the writers of these shows are geniuses and they have now introduced Clark’s cousin from Krypton, Kara who is quite easy on the eyes. I’m not much into blondes but she could stop traffic, still my favorite on the show is Lois Lane. The season has turned to be interesting there is more brewing under the surface then it is know, and there are some stories left to unravel.


My cousin and I started at 4:30 pm on Friday on Episode 2 of Season 7 to Episode 9 of Season 7 until about 11:20 pm. It was one hell of a good time we just going episode to episode, I wish I had more then two more episodes. Its good when you watch all the episodes in one go, and watching one episode to the next sometimes drives you nuts but Smallville is really good and worth watching.