Somebody explain to me whats going on, it was damn hot today and it looks like its going to be like that for the next week. Its going to hit the mid 20s and in the mornings its going to be 15 and above. Last week it was cold and I was enjoying it, today I switched on the AC at work which just spit out a ton of dust, didn’t help at all. I have no clue how its going to go over the next couple of weeks, but I really hope that it stays at this cool weather at least until May, so we can ride for a few more months.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Next week they say it will get cooler or colder really…
    And Im thinking.. just like every year.. up until mid-april (ish) the weather will be spring-like… :)
    May is going to be HOT.. or very very warm.. depends how you look at it!!

  2. Hamitaf La Bookay: That is very true, but it has fluctuated between the two very much. From cold to warm and then back a again, so its been a bit strange! I just want it to remain cool a little while longer!! :D

  3. It;s because I’m not there anymore :P

  4. Have you noticed that it seams to spit rain every once and a while at random places … El nino i tell ya

  5. The weather is pretty moody for some reason!

  6. Jacqui: U will be back soon! loool

    Laialy: very random!

    N: Its driving me nuts!

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