Sometimes you get this sudden craving, and this was one of those times for me. I really felt like a chocolate cake, and very few places get the chocolate cake right.


So after deep thought, I went to Candies in Shuweikh, or its called Spice and something. I went there just thinking about the right cake, I got there and it was a treasure of cakes, so I picked one called Candies Cake which had layers of white cream and it hit the spot. This is the result of acting on your urges, I was a man on a mission.







A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. yuuuum..that looks amazing bel 3afya :) its like an upgraded version of their black bottom cake..oh and its sugar & spice

  2. Do You Know How Much I hate You for posting this?

  3. ok marzouq

    wain mukanhum khal arooooo7!!!

  4. I tried their choco cup cakes, they were no good. I don’t remember what was wrong with it but it just didn’t taste right

  5. That looks really yummy *starts to drool* ops there goes my keyboard!!

  6. Kim

    I wasn’t hungry ’til I saw this post. Now I am craving some delicious cake, I think your blog is bad for my figure :)

  7. jewaira


    do post details on address so your poor hungry readers can get some too ;)

    Sugar Spice

  8. Q80 In Denver

    I hate u .. I hate u .. I hate u .. I HATE U ! :P laish ya3ne t3athebnee !!! ga3ed asawee rejeem :P walah Sa3balt ;p

  9. fashionated: thats the name! lol! It is damn nice!

    chikapappi: yup!

    Rashisha: All the better! looool

    Eshda3wa: Shuweikh Coop! Thats where you can find it!

    Cat: yup!

    pearls: really, I liked their brownies! A LOT!

    Laialy: hahaha! It was good!

    Kim: I think its bad for mine! lol

    jewaira: Its at Shuweikh Coop, its right there easy to find!

    Q80InDenver: hahaha! I had to! Its revenge!

    Outkasty: yup!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: hahahaha! Go to Shuweikh! Or I can give you some of mine!

  10. 3alaik bel 3afiaaaaaa! you are such a teaser :-P~~~~~~~~~~ droooooooooooooooool

  11. Ansam: Shinsawy! looool! Alahe3afeech!

    Rashisha: Its good! Just run 4 Km after eating just a piece!

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