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NBK Card


It was just one of those days, for some reason my NBK cards are all bent out of shape. I have had a Bank of America Card (Debit & Credit Card) for over 8 years, and an American Express card for over 7 years with no issues. They are still very usable, but with my NBK cards its a different story. I have one debit card and one credit card that I carry with me. I use my credit card once every 6 months to a year, rarely a reason to use it and I usually carry cash on me. I don’t use my debit card more then a few times a week, and usually I’m just spending cash on gas.


To my luck my credit card completely broke off at the middle of the black stripe, and my debit card was almost broken off. I asked a new debit card from the closest branch which isn’t the one I usually do my business in. They said it would take 3 – 4 days to get new card, and I haven’t even called in for my credit card, I’m walking around with a broken card. Not having K-Net in Kuwait is a bit annoying, I usually carry around 40 to 60 KD with me for gas or other random items and if anything major I would charge my K-Net. So getting it back is important, but I wonder why it takes so much time. Now to get a new credit card which can be used instead of the broken one I have right now.