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Review: Justice League – The New Frontier


This is a film adaptation of a comic class from DC comics, I was really looking forward to more from DC Comics after JLA-Unlimited but it set high standards to meet. This story is based in the 1950s when the Heroes were just starting out, America is in the midst of a war against the communist, things are just not looking good. You get introduced very quickly to a number of DC Comic Heroes; Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Martian Man Hunter, Flash, and more as the story progresses. The Justice League wasn’t there and the Heroes are all fighting their own fight with things slowly falling apart until they face a real threat which unites them. The story has a very good feeling to it, you appreciate how the story progress and it doesn’t revolve around one character but around the DC Universe. I enjoyed it but I felt that it felt a bit dated for being a 2008 movie, I expected something more on the level of JLA-Unlimited. The story is good, the coloring is very good, music is good as well, the animation overall feels slightly old and it could have been spiced up a bit more but if your a comic fan then you will enjoy it.


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