Slight Road Rage


Sometimes in Kuwait you can’t be helped by idiots on the road. I have been annoyed with some of these idiots but today just wasn’t the right day for someone to do something stupid to me. The most annoying this is when I’m signaling to come through and they don’t let you through, they speed up not to let you through when you switch on the turn-signal, but if you didn’t they would give you space.

This person decided not to let me through, but since I’m in the Landcruiser I thought why the hell not and kept pushing through slowly since we were all traveling at 7 km/h he honked and flicked me off. At this point I didn’t believe what he just did, traffic came to halt seconds after that. He was right next to me and so I waved at him (very angrily) to lower his window. From that point there was some shouting and I asked him to step out so that I could teach him some manners, and also let some steam off. He was a Kuwaiti man in his late thirties or early forties, so I decided its fair game to beat the crap out of him. I haven’t had the best day so neither will he, and this point I could tell that he didn’t want to go that far, he should have remembered that before flicking me off. At that point I want to drag him out of his car and use his head as a bat to knock his hood in but traffic started moving and so I just left while he kept a 10 meter distance between me and him. It honestly felt good that I did something to him, at least mentally.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Khalid

    Where you in Qurain today?

  2. If you dont signal I wont let you through, well mostly depends on my mood but usually I let families pass. But I’m feeling ya there

  3. Ali Khalaf (Bahrain)

    It is the same here in Bahrain, if you signal then the other driver will notice and block the way, otherwise you will surprise him and get into the lane. So sad but true.

  4. mushroom

    in our country, we just step out of the car and beat each other right away.
    no need for words. im not kidding.

    but it RARELY happens because 99.8% of the drivers are courteous.

    i wonder here in kuwait why most of the drivers are idiots.

    no offense to anyone.

  5. I facing the same thing with those idiots everyday morning on my way to work! Whenever I signal to move on from one line to the other they speed up not to let me through! that’s what we call it “NA7ASA & LA3ANA”.

  6. Nice! you scared his balls out!!!

  7. Traffic today was hell cause I got out of the house 20 min late!!! I had all kind of fits.
    But urs beats it all up … is it OK to laugh a little ;P

  8. LooL … try this it never fails … STICK YOUR HAND OUT THE WINDOW AND WAVE LIKE CRAZY … i can’t believe it but it has yet to fail

  9. Kim

    You should really carry a stick with you at all times to give idiots a beating. I think you would feel better and Kuwait would thank you.

  10. lfc-q8

    MAN WATCH OUT for gods sake just let it go u never know if he had a gun or a knife… its not worth it u can always cut him off or even ram him just dont get out of ur car

  11. moocherx

    “He was a Kuwaiti man in his late thirties or early forties, so I decided its fair game to beat the crap out of him”

    Man, you’ve just given me the excuse I’ve been looking for the past 2 years!!!!

  12. i never get the na7asaa on the road
    i just dont

  13. f7ee7eely

    3zeezi marzouq,

    moo kel marrah teslam eljarrah — maybe the next time u’d run into someone who wont mind pulling a gun on you in the middle of the street I actually know a couple of guys who did– I have seen it on more then one occasion—just as much as u’d love to take it far some people can take it way farther — 7yatek ghaleyah fa whenever on the road try to exercise some restraint and patience —

    ybeelek anger management bro:)
    tara elgesharah mahee zainah — methel enta mafeek khair ham fee nas feeha khairha …..

  14. It really cracks me up when people start inching forward in slow traffic just to get in your way. Really?! I usually point and laugh my toes off and keep inching forward just to see how close to the other person’s bumper they’ll get. Some people have crap for brains, it’s funny.

  15. Q80 In Denver

    LooooooooooooooL Good for u :) In the last 2 years I felt that it is necessary to bring a baseball bat or something like a stick to beat some idiots like him or at least to scare him off! Bs Marzouq .. Be very very careful these days .. I totally agree with Ifc-q8 I’ve heard many stories lately that some people carry GUNS with them! ew9alat lay el GUNS !! 7asbyalla 3alaihom!

  16. Hellraiser

    Dude we discovered the hardway that beating some one up here, is an invitation to experience the |Kuwaiti judicial system at a micro level. The guy will go and get a medical report, he will then file a complaint at the police station and from their onwards it downhill.
    Such idiots on the road are born loosers, they are trying to be ahead in front of others, cause they cant get ahead with their own lives. My advice chill, 30 seconds of waiting is better than getting all worked out, and dont give such morons the pleasure of ruining your day.

  17. jewaira

    Yes, the traffic is getting bad again after everyone went back to school and the spring holiday is over…

    Road rage is definitely imminent..and if someone as cool as you can get fazed, just imagine what it’s like for the rest of us :P

    Drive safe

  18. Noor

    “Slight” road rage? understatement maybe… :p

  19. Khalid: Nope!

    TAT: yeah, it drives me nuts!

    Ali KHalaf: Exactly, so I force my way through!

    mushroom: majority are horrible drivers!

    Technogal: It pisses me off when they don’t let peopel through!

    MpJs: a little

    maryam: it is great to laugh, I know I did!

    Laialy: hahaha! I do a lot! hehehe

    Kim: I would feel great, thats for sure!

    lfc-q8: I can understand your concern.. but I usually have the bigger car so I can do damage if anything does happen!

    moocher: hahaha… what will you do?

    eshda3wa: I don’t either!

    f7ee7eely: i understand what your talking about and I do judge the situation, this guy didn’t have any look of danger but if it was a crazy person I would cut him off and take off!

    G.E&B: yup its funny, and in my case I don’t mind a little scratch!

    Q80InDenver: I know what you mean, it is satisfying but a gun is something else! Its just about judging the situation!

    Outkasty: looool! Shinsawy! It happens!

    Hellraiser: Don’t worry, the state I will leave him in won’t give him a chance to file anything! hahaha! But your right, at some points you just can’t help it!

    jewaira: Thanks! It was just a day that got built up!

    Noor: hahaha! Shinsawy!

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