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Slight Road Rage


Sometimes in Kuwait you can’t be helped by idiots on the road. I have been annoyed with some of these idiots but today just wasn’t the right day for someone to do something stupid to me. The most annoying this is when I’m signaling to come through and they don’t let you through, they speed up not to let you through when you switch on the turn-signal, but if you didn’t they would give you space.

This person decided not to let me through, but since I’m in the Landcruiser I thought why the hell not and kept pushing through slowly since we were all traveling at 7 km/h he honked and flicked me off. At this point I didn’t believe what he just did, traffic came to halt seconds after that. He was right next to me and so I waved at him (very angrily) to lower his window. From that point there was some shouting and I asked him to step out so that I could teach him some manners, and also let some steam off. He was a Kuwaiti man in his late thirties or early forties, so I decided its fair game to beat the crap out of him. I haven’t had the best day so neither will he, and this point I could tell that he didn’t want to go that far, he should have remembered that before flicking me off. At that point I want to drag him out of his car and use his head as a bat to knock his hood in but traffic started moving and so I just left while he kept a 10 meter distance between me and him. It honestly felt good that I did something to him, at least mentally.