Muchboos and More


Who cares about a diet when your hungry and you have this in front of you. At some point in time I think about taking it easy, but at around 3:00 pm at work I want to eat anything right in front of me and that includes humans. I get home by 6:00 pm and at that point you will turn into a blackhole that sucks everything in, I throw self control out the window.


Some people eat, get full, and feel bad but that isn’t the case with me. After good meal, when you get warmer then you were before and you feel content, I honestly feel very good to the point I’m smiling and remaining stationary right after the meal. Nothing beats a good muchboos deyaay, and that kubba tasted damn good, I kept eating them as if they were french fries. I may contemplate a diet at some point.




A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. With every food post, or to be specific, every machboos post, that I read while I’m at work, I feel like I hate you a little :p

    This has happened 3 or 4 times already… oo kila ma akoon mitrayga.. 3asa mashar? ;p

  2. Some people eat, get full, and feel bad but that isn’t the case with me.
    — Yam3awad… no way can you feel bad after machboos..its pure satisfaction!! (BUT MAMA EMSAFRA OO MAKOO ‘3ADA SAN3 for about three months now *crying hysterically*) ….

  3. LooooooooooooL … I agree but there is some point where I have to stop because I really just can’t get another bite in

  4. Q80 In Denver

    That’s it ! You are officially in my hate list! :p Give me some Kobbaat Bor’3el :p ok just one cause i’m on diet ;p

  5. Purgatory

    You should be on the FBI most wanted list for repeated posts of machboos!

  6. hohoo

    dude you are very professional when you talking about food :)




  8. Ahmad

    Man, I really sympathize with you especially about the 3pm at work comment.

    Any resolutions you make in the morning are worth nothing when you see something tasty in front of you at that time.

  9. Kim

    mabye you should eat something while you are at work, that way you are not so starved when you get home. Nothiing wrong with enjoying what you eat though. Here’s a little phrase we use very often here – “fat and happy”.

  10. Now I’m craving that :s You shouldn’t be doing this hehe :s

  11. Swair: hahaha! Thats a good thing! I don’t know when you eat but I’m just hungry all the time! lol

    Hamitaf La Bookay: Exactly! Its a very good feeling! U want food? I can send some your way!

    Laialy: I know that feeling, but I only realize it when I’m about to burst! lol

    Q80InDenver: hahahaha! You haven’t seen everything yet! lol

    Purg: shinsawy!

    hohoo: What can I say, I should have been a food critic!

    K: Will do!

    Cat: hahahahaahahahaha! I can’t help it!

    Ahmad: Exactly, you just hit that point of no return.. and things go south from there!

    Kim: I don’t know how to eat light, so eating at work just doesn’t work for me! And I agree with that phrase! lol

    Jacqui: hahhahaha

  12. ur food posts I3AWROON IL GALB! and the machboos pics ARE KILLING ME!
    I come back from work at 6, but am never hungry, i eat sumthin light at work so when i get back home ma ahjim 3al akil.. try doin’ that ..

    what camera did u use when u took that machboos pic ?

  13. ashwa it’s late at night and i’m not hungry as i read this.. but otherwise, meta beta3zemny over to eat some of the stuff we’ve seen so much of on here?

  14. I want kubba! I really do, dipped in chilli sauce *drool

  15. yummmmm the kubba looks REALLY good but dipped in hummos

  16. Marrakech: hahaha! I use my Canon Rebel XT! And I attack the food!!!

    MSB: We need to have a sitdown! looool!

    ananyah: Chilli sauce hell no!

    Ansam: Exactly Hummus! Its going to be good!

  17. It’s missing the usual “Coke” and a tabasco :-)

  18. G-Funk: For lunch I don’t drink Coke! lol! I don’t like Tabasco at all, it would cause major problems!

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