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Muchboos and More


Who cares about a diet when your hungry and you have this in front of you. At some point in time I think about taking it easy, but at around 3:00 pm at work I want to eat anything right in front of me and that includes humans. I get home by 6:00 pm and at that point you will turn into a blackhole that sucks everything in, I throw self control out the window.


Some people eat, get full, and feel bad but that isn’t the case with me. After good meal, when you get warmer then you were before and you feel content, I honestly feel very good to the point I’m smiling and remaining stationary right after the meal. Nothing beats a good muchboos deyaay, and that kubba tasted damn good, I kept eating them as if they were french fries. I may contemplate a diet at some point.