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Slight NAS Expansion


I have been looking at my Infrant Ready NAS NV and it had 903 GB available from the 2 TB that I installed. If I installed two more 1 TB drives then 3.1 TB would be available and the rest would be for redundancy. I have began filling it up very quickly and I am turning it into my media storage in the basement, everything will be streaming from it.


I strolled by Hawally and I got myself a pair of 1 TB drives for 88 KD each this time. It was turning into an entertaining run, but getting those two drives was enough for me. I came back ready to install, but I was running a file synchronization program so that I have everything I want on it before I start adding space, that took about 4.5 hours to finish. Adding a drive takes about 6 hours to synchronize with the NAS, so a total of 12 hours for drives. Then I will have ample space, and I keep thinking what can I fill it up with and all four hard drive spots in the NAS are filled.