Damn Knee!


I have had knee problems for a long time now from a major injury I had when I was kid. It is on and off, and there are a few things I can’t do and kneeboarding is one of them. When I woke up the day before I had a few meetings and things to do so I jumped right out of bed. The moment I stood up I felt a click at the front of my right knee, and I knew something was wrong. Within a few seconds I felt shooting pain through my right knee.

I’m a stubborn person thinking that it would go away throughout the day if I don’t do anything drastic. It just went and came throughout the day, if I was moving I didn’t feel too much, but if I stood still then I would feel the shooting pain. Even when I’m driving I felt pain in my right knee, it doesn’t matter if I was putting pressure on the brakes or gas, the pain just came and went. I’m trying to figure out what exactly is wrong but nothing seems to come to mind, even when I’m laying down I tend to feel a throbbing pain that comes and goes. I just hope it goes away by the time I wake up, I don’t feel like wearing the knee brace that I have thrown in my closest.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. ouch you should really go see a doctor and wear the knee brace before you do some serious damage like ligaments!

    Yes you are a very stubborn person but for once in ur life, do what I say!

  2. jewaira


    try rubbing it freshly grated ginger juice and warmed sesame seed oil

  3. when you wake up go straight to the doctor whether the pain is there or not… just to make sure ur okay…

  4. salamat man…don’t be reckless in that…go to the doc asap!

  5. Salamat! Maybe you should try massaging the area thoroughly?

  6. Salamat. But u don’t have to tell me about it,, i twisted my left ankle on new year’s,, and now twisted my right ankle (though not very painful). and i have an important game on sunday! :P

  7. Miss Communication

    Enshallah it’s nothing, you probably pulled a muscle when you first woke up but it wouldn’t hurt to pass by the doc for a quick check up. Massaging might help but consult a professional.

  8. Ananyah is right!

    knee pain can be the worst cause you need your knee to walk!!!!

  9. n

    i sometimes get that knee pain but mostly at night, running would make my knee go crazy, i usually put hot water on it it makes it better or even stretching my legs helps too, a doctor would probably tell u to do some physical therapy but u should go check it out

  10. Kim

    I would recommend wearing the brace. If it’s an injury you’ve had for a long while, then you are the expert on how to take care of it. However, if the pain is different from what you’ve felt before, then you should definitely see a doc. Take care, take it easy, and heal quickly.

  11. Slamat

    try to see a dr, from the one that does not like drs :D but if it goes on then see whats wrong, maybe you have to avoid certain activities?

    try Dr. Shalabi “maybe his first is Sameer?” in Al-Razi, he is the one that correctly diagnosed my brother’s recent knee injury ,, matshof shar dear.

  12. Q80 In Denver

    Salamaaaaat Marzouq! Go See a doctor! enshala mako ela el 3afiya! just do a check up! Ma teshoof shar :)

  13. Salamat… I agree with most of the people here
    Go see a doctor! Dont try to go to massage places or let anyone massage it.. it may cause more damage if “rubbed the wrong way”!

  14. mustafa

    salamat marzouq

    you really should see a doctor about this it could be worse than you think…. :P

  15. ananyah: Hell No! And I didn’t go! loool!

    jewaira: I rubbed some warm olive oil, wrapped it and put it in the knee brace. That helped a lot!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: I don’t like doctors!

    Maze: Alah esalmik! I will wait it out!

    3baid: Alah Esalmik! Its a not a muscle so massaging did nothing for me!

    KWT23: That is bad, salamat!!

    Miss Communication: It wasn’t a muscle, it was in front of the knee so it felt strange! I will wait it out!

    Laialy: I know but still!

    n: Alah esalmik! I’m just going to rest and wait it out!

    Kim: Thanks, it is helping just to lift it up for a bit!

    Q80-ChillGirl: Alah Esalmich! Shar ma eyeech mashkoora! If it gets worse I will check out this doctor!

    Q80InDenver: Alah esalmik! Not just yet, I will wait it out and see what happens!

    Ansam: I know what you mean! Mashkoora bes I will wait it out and hopefully it will go away!

    mustafa: alah esalmik, I just hope it doesn’t get worse then I am ok!

  16. Marzouq: Get some glucosamine, its a food supplement not even a drug, I used to have the same condition, hurt it when I was a kid playing football and the Fitness instructor told me to get it.
    On top of that do some low impact exercices, the step machine, the ski machine , but don’t run, and do it on very light resistance.
    Oh and remember to stretch before and after, you will see a difference soon.

  17. Loca in Kuwait


    I heard that Glucosamine works,but the user told me that you have to make sure you continue taking it and that you dont see results till after a few weeks to a month. But true to your fashion you probably will just wait it out till the pain goes. :0)

  18. Kodder: I can’t even run on a tread mill, it hurts after a while! I prefer the elyptical, I could go fast without my knee hurting! I need to start going to the gym again! I will check out glucosamine for sure!

    Loca: You know me too well! :) But I will ask about it, it doesn’t hurt to know.

  19. the reason that your knee hurt is permanent inflamation because its a weak knee and its not strong enough to heal, on top of that its a bit dry, glucosamine gives it back its elasticity.
    while the non impact cardio make it strong again, the reason that you can’t run is the impact itself, as you know, humans are meant to run on soft ground suddenly we have hard floors and concrete and evolution was not fast enough to change us, that’s why need shoes to limit the impact.
    I suggest also you go to a feet specialist so check for flat feet and over pronation which also adds pressure on the knee.
    good luck!

  20. Kodder: Thank you very much for the explanation, I have done some training so that I can strengthen the muscle structure around my knee but your right the impact is what hurts. I have seen a few specialists a long time ago and I got the same evaluation so nothing really changes on that end. But I just need to get back into training again!

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