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Damn Knee!


I have had knee problems for a long time now from a major injury I had when I was kid. It is on and off, and there are a few things I can’t do and kneeboarding is one of them. When I woke up the day before I had a few meetings and things to do so I jumped right out of bed. The moment I stood up I felt a click at the front of my right knee, and I knew something was wrong. Within a few seconds I felt shooting pain through my right knee.

I’m a stubborn person thinking that it would go away throughout the day if I don’t do anything drastic. It just went and came throughout the day, if I was moving I didn’t feel too much, but if I stood still then I would feel the shooting pain. Even when I’m driving I felt pain in my right knee, it doesn’t matter if I was putting pressure on the brakes or gas, the pain just came and went. I’m trying to figure out what exactly is wrong but nothing seems to come to mind, even when I’m laying down I tend to feel a throbbing pain that comes and goes. I just hope it goes away by the time I wake up, I don’t feel like wearing the knee brace that I have thrown in my closest.