Dubai Building A Big Bridge


Dubai is filling up with big buildings, all of them going for different records. At this point they are now going for a very big bridge. At 1.6 kilometer long and 205 meter tall, double arched which is scheduled to finish in 2012 at a cost of $817 Million. I wonder where they plan on building this, and how is this going to affect traffic.

Link: Gizmodo




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  1. I like how it looks! Specially the arches!!

  2. amazing, but couldn’t help but wonder how long would it take, if we decide to build it here …

  3. Is this going to be one of those “bridge to nowhere” bridges?

  4. i think its gorgous….!!
    and totally agreeing with maryam…. i say mmmmaybe 2029..?

  5. Allah ehadahom chan khalooh mathalah foga mo chithy

  6. Ansam: I like it too!

    maryam: They said in 2012 in Dubai so 2050 in Kuwait!

    mooodi: I have no clue! Maybe it will increase traffic!

    Skoulikimou: Interesting!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: You are giving them more credit! Look at the Failaka bridge that they wanted to built that they haven’t even started yet!

    Laialy: hahaha! That would be too big!

  7. I am packing my bags, just booking a jazeera ticket…..2012..hmmm

  8. Lexicon

    Hate it or Love it you gotta admire the sheer determination the people there have to transform their country…only time will tell if these investments are sound though

  9. Lexicon: You are correct in that aspect, they are adiment about what they are doing and changing their image. They keep reinventing and modernizing themselves.

  10. margaret wong seen hui

    the bridge looks have very far distance. Nice look and attractive. ^~^

  11. pramod

    I like how it looks! Specially the arches!!

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