Kuwait Traffic Fines & More


It seems that Kuwait traffic month is coming up soon so they have thought to ramp up the fines and punishment for all violations. Some seem reasonable and some are just stupid, the jail time for some of them is pointless except for hit and run, and driving under the influence that deserves that sort of punishment. Just keep this in mind people when you are driving.


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  1. baby in front seat AKA pulling a britney :p
    also what does it mean by a Jordanian car!!!!!!!

  2. Noor

    Look like I’m sentenced for life.. :S

  3. jaja

    traffic month? isn’t it a week?

  4. xtinct dodo

    not eating/drinking/smoking while driving?? hahahaahah when was that ever illegal? and the punishment for hit and runs seems a bit trivial compared to the consequences for the other more serious violations, no?

  5. Purgatory

    Ok, I thought you were smarter than the rest of the bunch who posted the same table.

    1) this is a hoax, also verified on newspapers (check inltxpatr blog)
    2) Jordanian License should have given you an idea.
    3) You owe me Machboos for showing you the light

  6. How come its plus or both ? doesn’t mean the same thing ?

  7. Laialy: I DONT KNOWWWW!!!!

    Noor: hahaha! Everyone is!

    jaja: I thought it was a month or something!

    xtinct dodo: Hit and Run should have the worst one.

    EniGma: yup! Nope, just an email!

    K: hahaha! Same here!

    Purg: I heard that some will be applying but not like this. I heard that they said it was hoax but probably not the whole thing. I will get you your muchboos though!

    mishref: Their English is perfect, mean to confuse.

    Outkasty: Everybody is going to have some issues!

  8. ya3ni etha i ordered shawarma i can’t eat it in the car….??
    what if i was very thirsty and had to drink water….??

  9. I missed the “Jordanian” part the first time lol. This is probably the traffic fines for Jordan!

    Although I do agree with increasing the fines. I have never seen worse drivers than the ones in Kuwait, and I would be happy even if they become THIS HIGH. I’m sure the idea of paying 200 KD for a fine will make people think not twice, but 10 times before speeding. You yourself have almost been a victim of stupid drivers on mobile phones not paying attention to the road. Hamitaf- eating and drinking while driving looks uncivilized, plus it poses a danger to the other drivers. If you want to eat or drink in a car, you can park it somewhere and eat.

  10. I know its supposed to be a hoax…but it would be funny if the government approved the salary hikes and all then set outrageous fines…my tickets alone would probably make up the difference in the state budget.

    ..and don’t get me started about the stupid cars they part at every flippin’ curve…

    hamitaf- eating while driving is actually a big safety hazard ’cause of choking…

    mishref- I think the and or both…means its up to the judge to sentence; he’s free to choose…

  11. Hamitaf La Bookay: you can’t eat in the car, but you can’t be driving, you can do that.

    EniGma: I do agree increasing the fines makes people think twice, but applying it fairly is the problem we have, and making it difficult to challenge is hard in Kuwait. I think Hamitaf meant when the car is parked :D

    G.E&B: I think that would be the case for all of us! The Ministry of Interior would make a ton of money. I think Hamitaf meant when parked!

  12. I guess we all know where Kuwait will be getting its money from. But to be honest, Kuwaitis had it coming with their reckless driving.

  13. Angelo: I think they need to regulate it in a different way rather just hit ither really hard or nothing at all.

  14. Moos

    Is this one on yet?..or after the traffic week(month)?

    Not a bad one…but I got my last and second parking fine ( on the same spot practicly) behind Mother Care in Salmiyah. First one 3 years ago in the middle of the parking( don’t know why) and 4 montha ago , in the same spot but on the street, against a non coloured side walk, where we can park the car.
    My good frind actually was there when the fine was given, asking why he would get a fine when the side walk is not painted black and yelow: The replay was: “this should be painted and actually they will come tomorrow to paint it.”

    If this is the way we will get to pay themoney…then we are in big trouble…
    …not to talk about those drivers that are coming from some countries ( working for certain families) asking “where is the third pedal” when first getting in the car.
    So, God help us!

  15. Moos: I doubt that these are being applied right now, but there needs to be some changes and that cop is an idiot for sure!

  16. Juan Dela Cruz

    yeah you’re right Marzouq,I’m with you.I’ve got ticket same locaton behind the mothercare.The No Parking Sign is not visible and there’s not painted black and yellow??????
    I was there too checking my car when the ticket was given.Ha ha ha ha……

  17. mubarak

    DUDE!!! are you SURE about these fines! because i just crossed the a red light today, but i was going on 40km/h!

    please tell me what you’ve just said is not true! :P

  18. hamad

    i was trying to reach my work and someone just pushed break in-front of me and while i was getting out i my headlight touched a little to other big suv, i didn’t realize but when i reach at work i saw little paint on my light. does this include hit and run ? :(
    ps: it was very minor scratch.

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