19 Hours in UAE


As stated this going to be landing to take-off the amount of time in Dubai. I have a few meetings the next day, and then I will pick up a few things that people have asked from me. These types of trips are exhausting but I have to get some of them done. One thing I am going to try to do is to get a movie into my schedule somehow.

This is the list of movies and the ones with a star is the ones I want to watch:

  • 27 Dresses
  • Jumper *
  • Cloverfield *
  • Rambo 4
  • The Mist *

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Damn ir Marzouq. You just keep surprising me today. 27 Dresses? Really? LOL

    “Definitely, Maybe” is a better chick-flick than this one.

    Will you stop at Borders as well? Anyway, 7amdellah 3al salamah :)

  2. oooh I wanna see 27 Dresses… and .. Definately, Maybe….
    I hate cinemas in kuwait… effffffff!!

  3. Loca in Kuwait

    I think you forgot to put a star by 27 Dresses and if you didnt forget….Can you please put one, I want to see this movie sooooo bad, Katherine Heigl makes me laugh every time. Please watch it for me, with popcorn too please. Take care and try to relax a little bit.

  4. I heard Jumber was good… from my friend! I am… well!!! I hardly find myself saying WOW this was a good movie! TOO picky i guess LOL

    Have a safe trip and enjoy your time…

  5. Q80 In Denver

    Agreed :p Cloverfield YES .. The Mist YES .. Jumper top notch action and special effects but very weak story still watch it .. pass on the others :p

  6. Eddy

    watch jumper and clovefield…u could watch both in one run as cloverfield is a fairly short movie…

  7. Pablo Escobar

    Duck Butter is all you need my friend.

  8. I watched jumper yesterday. It is a good movie, I recomment it :). Weird and funny!

  9. Angelo: I’m just talking about the movies that is available in Dubai! Alah esalmik, I always stop by borders.

    Hamitaf La Bookay: I agree, I hate the cinemas in Kuwait!

    Loca: Thanks, I will try to relax, it isn’t the top movie on my list. If I had a full day I would spend it just going to the movies.

    Ansam: I will check out “Jumber” lol! :) I will try to enjoy myself a bit

    Q80InDenver: I don’t know if I have enough time for two movies! Too many to chose from!!

    Laialy: Its not out here!

    Eddy: I have too many damn meetings!

    Pablo: Funny aren’t you

    The Observer: Ok, I think I know what I’m leaning towards!

    Siddhartha: Thanks, will do!

    Annayah: If its by votes, I think we have a winner!

  10. enjoy the trip

    i think cloverfield will give u a headache

  11. vampire: I’m back and didn’t have any time at all to go watch anything, but I’m making plans! Thats for sure!

  12. Outkasty: I didn’t get a chance to see any movies!!

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