Feb 08 TV Shows


This is the list of shows that I am currently following, with the writers dead in the water it gave me a chance to catch up with the shows that I have. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t seen these shows earlier, Weeds is funny as hell, can’t get enough of Big Shots, and I really do enjoy Gossip Girl. There are a lot of good shows out there, but I’m a bit disappointed with Prison Break Season 3 from the first episode I hope it gets better.


The List:

  • The Unit S2
  • Weeds S1
  • Big Shots
  • Smallville S7
  • Prison Break S3
  • Gossip Girl


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  1. I am looking forward to watch LOST new season four! I heard three episodes are out already! 3ad etsadig!!! I didnt like Weeds that much! Its like they are justifying her actions (selling weed to support her family, and we should feel sorry for her!) madry ma7abbaita! It gets boring after a while…

  2. Where did you reach in Prison Break S03?

  3. What’s this? Marzouq is watching Gossip Girl….that is…that is…SO FREAKISHLY UNUSUAL. LOL, sorry didn’t want to go overboard but it certainly surprised me.

    Californication is a good show but it contains lots and lots of dirty scene…which I don’t think it’s a big problem in your case ;)

  4. jaja

    add House M.D. to the list, even if you are not in medical stuff, he’s – Gregory House – is good

  5. I miss TV shows sooooooo much..I hope they’ll be back soon

  6. You know that Big Shots was cancelled so far :( I hate why they did that! And Weeds is a great TV Show it’s got the right amount of humor and action and drama hehe :P

  7. Laialy: Its a good show! :0

    K: I finished it, I mean I’m following it! Remember in one day, I want more damn episodes!

    EniGma: Not much into Ugly Betty

    Ansam: Hmmmm I do like how things are going in weeds its entertaining! :)

    Amjad: Just the first episode, I’m watching other shows

    Angelo: looooool! Eh, you would be surprised :D I have Californication but I haven’t started watching it yet. I heard its really damn good!

    jaja: I will download all the seasons and keep them on my HTPC, I know its damn good but I haven’t had a chance to watch it

    Big Pearls: Same here!

    Jacqui: I knew it was going to happen, it only appealed to a small segment of people. It was funny while it lasted!

  8. well since no new shows are out think ima see if big shots any good

  9. moocherx

    Weeds kicks A man. Get seasons 2 & 3 too and make a weekend of it! I’ve got ’em if you want ’em!

  10. TAT: Its entertaining but it seems they will cancel it!

    moocherx: Exactly! I have already downloaded them but slow to watch!

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