Ride Cut Short


I have been looking forward to this ride for two weeks now, a lot of us didn’t get a chance to ride due to the weather and some busy schedules. This week we all agreed to meet early in the morning to head out to Julai’a and then meet up with the rest of the guys. I was up by 7:45 am and calling everyone before I got out of bed, the only person awake was vampire as usual.


We met up at Miseela Gas station by 8:45 am, we were a little late since one of our friend’s bikes’ battery was dead, he jumped and came over. We had a plan and we were going to execute on it. We took off to Julai’a and the weather was perfect, sunny and clear. We kept in our group the whole ride there, we even took off a few times enjoying the curves on the highway to Julai’a.


We got to our spot and relaxed for a little while. Around 9:50 am the wind kept picking up, 10:15 am it got dusty and 10 minutes after that it looked like a scene from The Mummy.


We decided to take off before it got worse, but even then it did. We kept the pack tight, in staggered formation in the right lane. We were getting blown around in the wind and getting wipped by the sand. We couldn’t go over 100 kph, for most of the ride we kept going at 80 kph so that we could react to anything on the road. At one point there was broken planks of wood on the road, then there was a tree across the highway we also managed to avoid that. It was a battle, and the one thing going through my head was all the Will Smith songs I had on my MP3 player.


By the time we got home we were all covered in layers of sand. My black rim was brown by the time we were done, and we all got home started playing Call of Duty 4 right away.



















A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. The weather is horrible and on the radio they said it will be like this for a while…
    But look on the bright side… it will be spring (ish) sooon… :)

  2. thats pretty neat how that one bike has blue rims

  3. punky

    Fat guy in a little coat

  4. a7san! so you get rest and relax :-P specially with your knee issue!

    I was in the airport at around 9:20ish and before I even left… I was able to smell the dust from the inside of the airport! By the time I reached my car it was horrible! I swear! LOL @ the Mummy comment! I can so relate to that!

  5. Yeah, I heard it was pretty dusty in Kuwait these days. Oh well, glad you had a nice ride that day. CoD4 you say…what happened to “Halo 3 gathering” LOL?

    BTW, make sure you buy Devil May Cry 4 or else I’m gonna hunt you down and kill you. I’m really being serious here.

  6. it was scary and hilarious at the same time

  7. Hamitaf La Bookay: I hope it stays cold, its more fun to ride in the cold in Kuwait. But dust is really bad for us.

    Laialy: its a nice one!

    punky: hahaha!

    Ansam: I did feel better :) I think the dust was alive about to eat us!

    Angelo: We are still playing Halo 3!!! I will get Devil May Cry 4!! Don’t worry about it!

    Vampire: Exactly, it was strange, its was good and bad. An experience thats for sure!

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