Delayed As Usual


This is just the usual Emirates time schedule, I don’t think I have traveled on Emirates Airlines without having the flight delayed. Its a ritual which can not be changed, they have difficulty staying on time. I think I have traveled on about 20 flights on Emirates over the past year and half, and out of them only 4 have been on time, so 80% of all their flights are not on time. Delays can vary between 1 hour to 6 hours, the worst one for me was 6 hours and they wouldn’t even let us leave the airport and come back. The way to know how late your going to be is to ask if your plane has landed or not.


The lounge was packed full of people and 90% of them were business people.  I haven’t seen this many Nokia Communicators, iPhones, and Blackberrys all in one room. Everyone was either working on spread sheets, emails, or on the phone talking to work. I wasn’t really going to work that late in te day, I just enjoy many episodes of Family Guy Season 4.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Yah Emarites is Alwas Late!!!!! At Least You Kept yourself entertained!!!

  2. Loca in Kuwait

    I just came back from the states, and I had a 12 hour lay over in London, thank God for the lounge. I hate delays, I stress to be on time then wait to leave :0/

  3. Atleast you got delayed in a lounge… I was stuck in an airplane for four hours before a 7 hour flight!!! Can you say – PANICK ATTACK!!! (im claustrophobic, i hate airplanes, and i started hyperventilating!!)

  4. I hate it when a flight is delayed! It messes up my plans! (yes I plan thing ahead)

    Hopefully your flight went smoothly and quietly.. since I am sure after a long day of work, muchboos, and flight delay you would want to have a piece of mind.

  5. pink

    thats weird! i traveled over 15 times or more with emirates the past 2 yrs last time was this new yr..and never once did it get delayed for more than 30 min…i dont wana jinx myself…but i actually prefer it to other airlines to travel anywer in the world. :/

  6. moocherx

    Thai Airways also flies between Kuwait and Dubai. I fly monthly, for the past 2 years, and I’ve been delayed once for about an hour. Might be worth a shot some time, and always a good option if the regular airlines are fully booked, because most people tend to only fly between dubai and Bangkok so there’s often seats at the last minute.

  7. jewaira

    That’s really annoying.

  8. yep, watching family guy really shows how much of a business man u r!! :P

  9. pearls: yup

    rashisha: Thats for sure :)

    Loca: I don’t mind any lay over in London because I can relax in their very nice lounge. I honestly like long lay overs in London. I agree with you, I’m a stickler for time!

    Hamitaf: I know what you mean, getting delayed on a plane is annoying as hell!

    Laialy: Thanks!

    Ansam: I plan ahead as well but I always have back up plans! Things are still hectic!

    pink: I think it isn’t the same Emirates from back in the day! They have gotten big and problems have been showing at the cracks!

    moocherx: Interesting, I will check it out for sure!

    jewaira: very!

    KWT23: I’m one of those Hip Business men… you just don’t know em yet! hehehe

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