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Delayed As Usual


This is just the usual Emirates time schedule, I don’t think I have traveled on Emirates Airlines without having the flight delayed. Its a ritual which can not be changed, they have difficulty staying on time. I think I have traveled on about 20 flights on Emirates over the past year and half, and out of them only 4 have been on time, so 80% of all their flights are not on time. Delays can vary between 1 hour to 6 hours, the worst one for me was 6 hours and they wouldn’t even let us leave the airport and come back. The way to know how late your going to be is to ask if your plane has landed or not.


The lounge was packed full of people and 90% of them were business people.  I haven’t seen this many Nokia Communicators, iPhones, and Blackberrys all in one room. Everyone was either working on spread sheets, emails, or on the phone talking to work. I wasn’t really going to work that late in te day, I just enjoy many episodes of Family Guy Season 4.