Dubai Scheduling

I had about three meetings in Dubai which seemed reasonably timed. One at 9 am, next at 11 am, and the last at 3pm. My flight was at 8:50 pm so I thought I had enough time to go to all the meetings, get work done, some shopping and a movie.


The one factor that wasn’t really taken into consideration was how much I misjudged the amount of traffic in Dubai. Two meetings were close and one was far, based on distances I had to travel 30 minutes for the second meeting so it meant 60 minutes total, but that turned into 2 hours due to traffic. I finished at 10:30 am, made it to the second meeting by 11:30 am, that finished at 1:00 pm and I go to the mall at 2:10 pm which gave me exactly 20 minutes to pick up what I wanted before having to go to the 3 pm meeting, which I barely made.


Then there was the drive to the airport, I had to be there by 7:30 pm at the latest to make my 8: 50 pm flight. I took off from the hotel at 6:30 pm I thought I would make good time since usually it would take about 25 minutes to get there. This time was a different story it took over 1.5 hours to go to the airport, I arrived at exactly 7:55 pm which was cutting it real close, I wasn’t sure I was even going to get my bags.


Traffic is hell in Dubai, in every direction and at every point in time.


A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. pink

    the rush hour gets really bad on the main highway at around 5 and ease up around 7 …i learned the hard way (twice missed flights)

  2. dubai traffic is hell but at least u made it to all ur meetings and back in one piece :)

  3. Yeah Dubai is overpacked! Its crazy! I cant stand their traffic!
    I have been in a similar situation and got stuck in the car for over an hour… I wanted to just leave the car and start running LOL

  4. DID you make the flight!!!! u left us hanging hehehe

  5. jewaira

    Hellish traffic

  6. pink: I had meetings so I couldn’t do anything about it!

    fashionated: yups! :)

    Ansam: hahaha! I decided to take a nap!

    Laialy: Yes I did :D

    jewaira: To say the least!

  7. hahaha well imagine i have to live with it:)

  8. zainoba: That is something to deal with!! Goodluck!

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