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Smart Daily System


I have always been a fan of pottery barn, there is something about their furniture that I do like. Sometimes they don’t have the best quality for all their products, but sometimes they make some products just right. When it comes to organization and accessories pottery barn has a large selection of those, and this is one of them. The Smart Daily System is a well defined set of daily accessories that you would use for your organization, you can choose from a combination of them to make up the wall of your choice. You have different elements that you can add to it such as, a white board, calendar, shelfs, linen board, all magnetized, charging shelf, key holder, letter bin, and a lot more. This is the best organizer for any person, and it comes in Black, Espresso and White. I honestly would want to get my hands on it if I had the place to put it, and it is very reasonably priced.

Link: PotteryBarn