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Drive Clean Up


I have been downloading a hell of a lot over the past couple of weeks, and I didn’t notice but my Hard Drive filled up. The only reason I did notice was because I wasn’t able to unzip some files, it gave a strange error that there is no space. I never thought that I would max out the space on 750 GB Hard Drive with just new media. So I have 750 GB worth of Movies, TV Shows, Anime, and Torrent Uploads that I haven’t seen. The ones I have seen have been shifted over to the NAS.

After three days of clean up and slight reorganization I managed to get 64 GB worth of space enough to continue my downloads. All I have to do now is rethink my organization scheme for the new shows. I’m planning to shift everything to the NAS, but that was supposed to be at a later point. With things in the current situation I might have to shift earlier then expect. Too much to watch and not enough time.