Front Tires at Michelen


It has been two and a half months and my search for my Michelin Front Tires have ended. Thanks to HH Tuning for finding the tires for me in Bahrain, they weren’t available any where else. I wanted the Michelin Pilot Sports 2 since they have amazing traction in the dry and rain, much better then the Continentals I had before. After the GulfRun I had the rears changed to Michelins but the fronts weren’t available, and at last after this long search I managed to get them.


As soon as I got these tires I took them to Michelin to have them installed, and an alignment if possible. The place was packed full of cars of different kinds, I knew there was going to be a wait but I knew who I was looking for from last time. They got going with the tires, it was a multi step process with different guys at different stations, they were very efficient as usual. They had a few cars on the alignment area so I thought to do that later.


When they were doing the wheel balance I found that my right wheel was slightly bent. Now I have two rims which are slightly bent and that need to be replaced, getting the OEM rims is going to be expensive so if I’m going to have to spend this amount I would rather buy after market rims, so I’m looking at my options. They managed to finish my car in 25 minutes while the place was packed full of cars, I do recommend people to go there because of there professionalism, quality of work, and efficiency. It only cost 12 KD to mount the front tires.
















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  1. jaja

    seriously how do you live with the cops stopping all the time for front plates?

  2. Mansour

    Michelen rocks!

    i assure u wont regret it


  3. jaja marzouk stops for no one.

  4. jaja

    perhaps it was the only time that cop stopped him in the video

  5. the last photo looks so professional and once again I have to say that I just love the shade of blue your car is painted

  6. Mark: Nope, not the kind of damage I had!

    Marrakech: Yup :)

    Hamitaf La Bookay: Its a guy thing!

    jaja: I’m very persuasive when I talk to him or when I’m driving off!

    Mansour: I know, but they are hard to come by!

    Mark: lol! True Dat!

    jaja: hahaha! One of a many!

    Laialy: Thank you, Thank you!! I need to have a car magazine or something to complement the photography!

  7. Mansour

    yeah, the main 2 problems are

    1- price
    2- The newest tires are produced at least from 7 months

    and personally this is my best tires category:

    1- Michelen
    2- Continental
    3- Pirelli

  8. Mansour: I do agree, the problem is production and price but nothing you can do about it!

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