HD-DVD is Dead


It seems the white flag has been raised, the signs were there before but it just seemed like an up hill battle. HD DVD players are selling at very cheap rate most of the main electronics sellers are stopping support, the big people in HD DVD are moving over to Blu Ray. Wal Mat, Net-Flix, and Best Buy dropped their support for HD DVD which cuts off most access to this technology, and now Toshiba raises the white flag.


I have my collection and I will enjoy it, what I might do is try to rip it to my computer so that I can have a digital copy and at least I didn’t spend too much on the HD DVD player since its just an extension of my XBox 360. I will switch to Blu Ray in due time, but I won’t be buying any blue discs anytime soon.

Link: ValleyWag

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  1. Corolla Man (AE86)

    The cheapest blue player is the PS3

  2. lfc-q8

    ps3 is not a good bd player it wont play well with ur onkyo avr
    u need to wait for the new batch of bd players to get true HD surround sound

  3. Does that mean there will be no more movies for the HD on XBOX? In other words, does that mean the HD people are screwed?

  4. moocherx

    I just wish we’d see the end of discs full stop. Since downloads, I’ve preferred having stuff on a solid state, non-moving (and therefore non-sticking/skipping!) media.

    Discs – Blu-ray or otherwise – are so 1920’s!! Nothing should have to move these days.

  5. CorollaMan: Its a crappy Blu Ray Player!

    lfc-q8: I’m going to wait until everyone gets on board, I don’t mind waiting another year for Blu-Ray, then purchasing it!

    Salah: Yes, you are correct! It seems Microsoft were developing a Blu-Ray add on in secret so you could wait for that.

    moocherx: I do agree to an extent, but since 75% of the world don’t have quick internet access to download the high definition movies which are 4 – 8 GB each then you are better off with the discs for now until then!

  6. Corolla Man (AE86)

    yesterday i have played a copy DVD on the ps3 it was amazing with the clarity and the sound, it was not a blueray simple dvd.

  7. Well I still haven’t bought PS3, so no “blue discs” for me either. Here are some stuff you can do with your XBOX360’s HD LOL :D

  8. Angelo: hahaha I will go with Projectile Weapon!

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