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Japanese on the Plane


This is probably one of the funniest moments I had on my trip. As I departed the plane after landing in Dubai, there was one Japanese gentlemen walking in front of me and one behind me. I noticed the man in front of me was Japanese, I could identify him right away. Then they started having a conversation while I was in between them walking out of the plane and then into the terminal. The distance between immigrations and the gates in Dubai Airport seems to feel like its a 10 Km marathon. At first I was going to pass the two gentlemen, but as the conversation progressed in Japanese I seemed to be picking up some words here and there. I had this odd funny feeling that I wanted to tell them I knew a word or two, so I continued to listen in on their conversation trying to see what I could pick up. I felt like a idiot, but it was funny since I managed to pick up that they wanted to go eat and drink after this, one guy doesn’t feel like something (wasn’t sure what some of those words were), then one thing they saw was very nice, and somebody they were dealing with is in an idiot. That is all I could pick up after walking behind them for 15 minutes I only understood about 10% to 15% of their conversation which was hilarious. I need to learn Japanese!