Japanese on the Plane


This is probably one of the funniest moments I had on my trip. As I departed the plane after landing in Dubai, there was one Japanese gentlemen walking in front of me and one behind me. I noticed the man in front of me was Japanese, I could identify him right away. Then they started having a conversation while I was in between them walking out of the plane and then into the terminal. The distance between immigrations and the gates in Dubai Airport seems to feel like its a 10 Km marathon. At first I was going to pass the two gentlemen, but as the conversation progressed in Japanese I seemed to be picking up some words here and there. I had this odd funny feeling that I wanted to tell them I knew a word or two, so I continued to listen in on their conversation trying to see what I could pick up. I felt like a idiot, but it was funny since I managed to pick up that they wanted to go eat and drink after this, one guy doesn’t feel like something (wasn’t sure what some of those words were), then one thing they saw was very nice, and somebody they were dealing with is in an idiot. That is all I could pick up after walking behind them for 15 minutes I only understood about 10% to 15% of their conversation which was hilarious. I need to learn Japanese!

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Noor

    haha thats bizarre! how do you know japanese?!

  2. You are watching too much anime LOL :-P

  3. They teach Japanese in Kuwait at their embassy, but its a very serious program and they don’t let anyone in so easily.

  4. mocman

    you dont speak fluent japanese???? blasphemy!!!!!! no anime for you….

  5. theres a podcast that teaches japanese forgot it’s name though and there the pimsluer torrent dont know if it around anymore. I started to learn a bit just to be able to play FFXI since no english players show up till 7 pm had a notebook next to me scribbling bits and pieces here and there think I should look for it

  6. lol min kithir il anime! u should seriously consider learning japanese.. no more subtitles!

  7. Kim

    hahaha. I’m that way with spanish. It’s fun to pick up what you can and try to fill in the rest.

  8. moocherx

    Is it because you know the sushi menu too well??


  9. ???

    I wouldn’t have been able to maintain a straight face throughout that :)

  10. Noor: I watch so much damn Anime over the past two decades I picked up a little!

    Ansam: loool!

    Hamitaf La Bookay: Same here!

    Shaymaa: Your kidding me? I don’t think they would let me in, I can’t commit that sort of time!

    mocman: Damn it!

    TAT: When there is a need, there is a way! Probably in due time!

    EniGma: I agree, watching without subtitles is fantastic if possible in due time!

    Kim: I know what you mean! I want to leanr spanish too!

    Moocherx: loooool! Not really! :)

    ???: loool! I was smiling the whole time!

  11. Hi well I am taking Japanese class here in Kuwait. It is nice I used to know a little i took lvl 1 and i jumped a lot i learned so much in just 3 months or less. It is fun and its nice to read and write Japanese. :)

  12. G: Wow! That is a hell of jump, I dont think I have the time to go to the class for three months. A few classes a week, on and off will be what I can do! Thanks!

  13. My God. That was seriously hilarious. Yeah, I bet after some commitment and little bit of hard work, you will speak Japanese like a “bolbol” LOL :D

  14. Meshari

    Considering you’re a computer guy, with Dual-Screen. you should consider The Rosetta Stone, It’s a 6 GB approx.

    it’s easy and i like it, i learned to speak 4 more languages ’till now. Excluding Arabic, English, French and Italian.

    1- Chinese
    2- Japanese
    3- German
    4- Swedish

    and I’m taking Latin and Dutch now, it seems hard at the beginning but everything will work out at the time, in your case it’s just Japanese, so learn and keep watching Anime.

  15. Angelo: looool! I don’t think it would be that easy!

    Meshari: Wow! My hat goes off to you, Mashalah! I don’t know if I could pull that off!

  16. Noura

    Thats Funny :D
    Hey Do u know Where i could Learn Japanese here in Kuwait .. ?
    Please Reply N Thanx ;D

  17. Noura: I think you can learn at Japanese Embassy but they are selective of their students!

  18. simile

    hahahaha!! really funny post made me laugh!

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