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The new Knight Rider


Well this was a bit expected from this series, but what I didn’t expect was how much I was going to like the car. For those who don’t know the voice of kit in the New Knight Rider is Val Kilmer, his voice fits but what has led Val Kilmer from Tombstone and Heat to Knight Rider’s KITT car. I didn’t have high expectations for this series to begin with, and this was a 2 hour pilot.


Lets start off with the good, the car is amazing, very well designed and implemented. There are some interesting actors, and the story line does follow the old. Now for the bad, the script couldn’t have been written any worse, we were saying the words before they even spoke, it was very cliche and extremely predictable. The acting wasn’t just bad, it was painful to watch them at times. You have to know its bad when the best acting in the show is the 4 minutes that David Hasselhoff is in the TV pilot movie. If your a fan watch it for the sake of that, but if you are not that avoid it at all costs.

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