Batmobile VS. Speed Racer


With Mattel launching all these toys for the two major movie releases this year of Speed Racer and The Dark Knight I can’t help but want to get these cars. They have done justice to the Batman line up of vehicles, it isn’t just from the new Batman movie but from the days of Adam West. My favorite car for Batman is the one from Batman Begins, and the Animated Batman Series, one is aggressive and the other is sleek and dangerous looking. The Speed Racer line up reminds of back in the day when you used to hear “Go Speed Racer Gooooooo”. I hope they do justice to the new movie since they usually don’t make the best transition to movies, the one thing for sure is the car will be cool.

Link: Gizmodo





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  1. Go Speed Racer! Go Speed Racer GO!!!!
    I like the speed racer cars… !!!
    BUT.. the batman cars are smokin’ HOTT!!!!
    Im thinkin’ its a tie :)

  2. Hamitaf La Bookay: loooool! I’m leaning towards Batman!!! :)

  3. Kim

    If I had to choose, I would be driving batmobile from Batman Begins – fast and tough looking.

  4. mustafa

    batmobiles FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh YES, The Batmobile from Batman Begins was the shit!! It was soooo damn cool. I bet it’s gonna be cooler in the upcoming Batman movie. Cannot wait. As for Speed Racer, they are nice and kinda “classy” but not as cool as the Batmobile.

  6. Kim: Exactly, it can go through walls!!

    mustafa: Well Said!

    Laialy: yup!

    Angelo: Exactly, the batmobile is just something else!

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