Review: Weeds


Now this has turned out to be an interesting show, its about a Suburban widow who recently lost her husband and she lives in the typical white suburban area. The odd thing about her is how she has been introduced to Marijuana, and becomes the king dealer of white suburbia, while still maintaining her suburban lifestyle to a degree. She goes to the PTA meetings, checks on her kids, deals load of marijuana, meets up with dealers, gets frightened which has to fight for her territory. The story is damn original, its hilarious and its the perfect mix of drama and comedy.


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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. Desmo

    I bought season 2 from iTunes and watched a couple..but got mixed up after most of them were been downloaded i couldn’t figure out the sequence..!

    But ya its funny..and different

  2. inm

    I saw it season one and two was really a great show

  3. I started off loving the show but got bored near end of season 2 and just watched like 2 episodes of season 3. still have to watch the rest but the show doesn’t grab me anymore.

  4. I saw season one, and didnt like it much… and gave up during season two! Me no likey!

  5. moocherx

    Glad you liked it. Regarding Mark’s comment, I think with any show, the first couple of episodes can lag but by the middle of season 3 (if you have the patience to stick it out) I think it becomes one of the best of the 3 seasons.

  6. Surprisingly, I still haven’t watched it yet despite the raving reviews and impressions. Better check it out soon…maybe during Summer break in May.

  7. Hamitaf La Bookay: Really, didn’t see her yet..

    Desmo: I’m just downloading from torrents!

    inm: yup!

    Mark: Really? I’m enjoying it for sure!

    Ansam: Long Live the Queen of Suburbia! lol

    moocherx: I’m sticking with it! Thats for sure!

    Laialy: yup!

    Angelo: You will enjoy it for sure!

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