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Alternative Day


We did a lot all day long, but after being out we just wanted to relax. After an eventful day we relaxed having a good lunch while watching The Unit. I really do enjoy this show, we kept watching episode after episode and it just keeps getting better. Dennis Haybert is a great actor and he really fits the lead as team leader, he makes this show what it is.


Then we headed over to Hawally to pick up some hardware, and I found some interesting items. I picked up a 3com unmanaged gigabit switch for 24 KD, and a Gigabyte X38 Motherboard for the HTPC at 96 KD. I was very happy to get some part of my network handled with the with gigabit switch. I just need a few network cables to get everything running through my gigabit switch. I also need to get rid of the crappy routers the ISPs gave me and get a couple of Cisco Soho routers which do a better job .