Alternative Day


We did a lot all day long, but after being out we just wanted to relax. After an eventful day we relaxed having a good lunch while watching The Unit. I really do enjoy this show, we kept watching episode after episode and it just keeps getting better. Dennis Haybert is a great actor and he really fits the lead as team leader, he makes this show what it is.


Then we headed over to Hawally to pick up some hardware, and I found some interesting items. I picked up a 3com unmanaged gigabit switch for 24 KD, and a Gigabyte X38 Motherboard for the HTPC at 96 KD. I was very happy to get some part of my network handled with the with gigabit switch. I just need a few network cables to get everything running through my gigabit switch. I also need to get rid of the crappy routers the ISPs gave me and get a couple of Cisco Soho routers which do a better job .

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. lfc-q8

    wow Z u got the same as the one i got x38 dq6
    its a bit frisky but u got to love all the usb ports on it and u need a stong hand to install the cpu fan on it good luck
    i guess at the end we will have similar rigs

  2. Bader

    Cisco SOHO routers are really good, If you need any help with the Config let me know, I got a txt file for a home ADSL connection which you can use. All you gotta do is change the username and password to the ones that you’re using for ur account and thats it.

  3. how do u download that show?? i tried several times from different sites and there r no seeders!!

  4. lfc-q8: Very similar rigs! I love this motherboard! You can tweak it so much!!! There isn’t anything you can’t do with it! Dual Netowrk ports, 8 USB!!! Thats a lot, seriously, I’m loving. Also a very good sound card that I have directly installed into my Onkyo through multichannel!

    Laialy: Its a guy show!!

    KWT23: Private Torrents!

  5. lfc-q8

    so multichannel? is it worth the hassle? with the 3870 u can use the sound from that card throu hdmi but it will only give u 5.1
    how do u set up the multichannel?

  6. lfc-q8

    so how do u set it up?

  7. lfc-q8: Multichannel is working out great, I’m getting the right base and I can hear the 5.1 when the video has it.. I setup multichannel for 5.1, but DVI to HDMI doesn’t give you sound in an HTPC so you need the sound output!

  8. lfc-q8

    as u know i have the ati 3870 with hdmi dongle which i intend to hookup to my avr but that will only give me 5.1 but with multichannel i will be able to get 7.1 so how do u set it up?

  9. lfc-q8: I am using my ati 2600xt, didn’t get the 3870! It goes directly from front to front channel of my avr, then center/sub to my center of my avr, then surround to surround of my avr. Then I did the audio testing to test all channels, and I diverted all bass to the subwoofer through the optionin the software which is recognized by the avr. Works perfectly!

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