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Downloading Vs. Buying


This is just a funny thought that has been going through my head, and a discussion with a few friends how things have changed. Over the years I have bought a lot of DVDs, even of movies that I have seen and I just wanted to have.

To buy a DVD I had to justify buying it, I hate to spend money on crappy movies even if I just wanted to have them. Back in the day the quality of downloads weren’t that good, but over the years that has changed. At this point I’m trying to download all the movies I ever watched, enjoyed, loved, and even remotely liked. The list is very large, the best part is getting all the movies I have ever watched in a very large database. I don’t even mind buying the movies, but they should let us do as we please not have them in a fixed format to watch only once on one machine. I’m about to start ripping all the DVDs to my hard drive, but I want them in XVID/AVI format and need the right software.