Flight Reset!!!


So we went in the morning all hyped up and ready to go. Most of the guys were carrying nothing, I was carrying my back pack:

  • Canon Rebel XT
  • 2 Lenses
  • iRiver Clix2
  • Nokia N800
  • Cough Medicine
  • Cash
  • GPS Unit

That is the simple list of things, we were all revved up and ready to go.

We got to the airport ready to check in, there were lots of people at the airport. When we were checking it they told us our 8:25 am flight was delayed until 12:30 pm. That pretty much ruined our day schedule in Dubai. We were completely easy going compared to a lot of people at the counter. It was technical difficulties which were unforeseen. We were calm and collected about it, we made some decisions, some plans are being made, this is now considered Contingency Plan B.

We will execute on Contingency Plan B when details are finalized which I will be posting up. This is turning out to be a lot funnier then expected.

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. eager to hear what was plan B … also I am pretty impressed that there was a contingency plan :D

  2. To9el bel salamah inshallah. Yeah same as Laialy, cannot wait what are you gonna post next :)

  3. nms

    I bet plan B was to hangout at the Avenue

  4. jaja

    plan B: not jazeera airways

  5. lfc-q8

    plan B… spend the night in dubai

  6. plan B: Go home, then go riding…. vroom vrooom

  7. moocherx

    I get the impression these days that a Plan A should never involve Jazeera…

  8. Laialy: We had to plan, it was too damn funny.

    Angelo: Alah esalmik!

    Pearls: We had other things on our mind!

    nms: nope..

    K: I agree

    jaja: hahaha.. not that simple for us

    lfc-q8: Nope!

    Ansam: looool! :D

    mooocherx: Next time we would know!

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