Contingency Plan B


At the airport things changed so we had to make decisions, and make them quick. People were shouting while we were planning!

We decided to go Monday since our schedule is open that day, but the return flight has changed so we are going to stay a little longer then just 8 hours, it extended to 13 hours so our plans have also extended with that.  

Marzouq: Hey you guys want to come? We are going Monday

Zahed, Shoomy: We are coming!

So now we have increased from 4 people to 6 people, not including those in Dubai who are aware of our ridiculous plan.

  • 0600 – 0700: Call Jazeera and make sure their planes aren’t breaking down and are on time so we don’t have to go to the airport at 6 in the morning (after sleeping late) only to find a parking spot, wait in line, go through security checks and then be told that our flight is delayed for fours hours leaving us with only 3 hours in Dubai if we would have went.
  • 0700 – 0725: Kuwait Airport
  • 0825 – 1100: Flight | KWI – DXB (If Jazeera doesn’t mess up)
  • 1100 – 1200: Rent-A-Car (Pink Honda Jazz) | DXB – Mall of Emirates
  • 1200 – 13.30: Cinema | Cloverfield
  • 1430 – 1445: Car | Mall of Emirates to Madinat Jumeirah
  • 1500 – 1700: Lunch | Meat Co
    • Appetizer
      • Beef Ribs
      • Beef Carpaccio
      • Salt & Pepper Calamari
      • Red Chilli Prawns
    • Main:
      • Wagyu Striploin
      • Prime Rib
      • Black Angus – Fillet
      • Marinated Lamb Skewer
      • Lamb Cutlets
    • Side:
      • Steak-cut Chips
      • Shaved Biltong
      • Baked Potato
      • Onion Rings
    • Desert:
      • Chocolate and Pistachio Fondante
      • Traditional South African Malva Pudding
  • 1715 – 1730: Car | Madinat Jumeirah to Mall of Emirates
  • 1745 – 1930: Cinema | Jumper
  • 1930 – 2115: Shopping / Skiing
  • 2115 – 2200: Car | Mall of Emirates to Grosvenor House
  • 2200 – 0100: Dinner| Buddha Bar
  • 0100 – 0200: Car | Grosvenor House to DXB
  • 0320 – 0415: Flight | DXB – KWI (If Jazeera doesn’t mess up)

A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. moocherx

    man, my brain can’t deal with the hoops you’ll have to jump through just to see some movies and eat a lamb cutlet…

  2. Eddy

    holy shit dude!! thats a packed schedule….better pop in some panadols before u fly… :)

    have fun…

  3. I hope it works this time and you do all of the above :-)
    Have a safe trip

  4. q8

    Buddha + Bar = Shame on you!

  5. Will be shuffling around ur dxb posts :D will go there soon :D thx for the free travel guide ;p

  6. moocherx:
    The trip is about the hoops .. the cutlet/movies are extras.

  7. Kim

    There will probably be little snags here and there but I’m sure you guys will have fun no matter how it turns out. Some things are just destined to be a hilarious time. This sounds like one of those times. Have fun, safe travels, and good luck.

  8. pink

    oh man! u r still planning!…..enta 76eet ha b rasee to go to movie and come back. ..did reservations online..went next day bahrain watched movies and shopped for a day slept and came back next day…and u r still planning…ksert 5a6ree…man u r jinxed..dont talk about plans until its done and over..its best..wish u have a great time since u made me unitentionly have a great time of my own.thnx ;)

  9. pearls: I hope so too!

    moocherx: It is insane indeed!

    Jacqui: I can understand!

    esda3wa: Thanks!

    Laialy: mashkoora!

    Eddy: Thanks! It was packed for sure!

    Ansam: Thanks! Hope so too!

    q8: what are you talking about?

    Q80-ChillGirl: no prob!

    K: exactly!

    Kim: Will do!

    pink: no prob! Happy you enjoyed your time! Hopefully things will work out! :)

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