Review: Run FatBoy Run


Simon Peg is one of the funniest men out of England, there is a reason for that. He is damn good at all the roles he plays, and this one is no different. He walks out of his pregnant wife at the alter only to become a security guard at a women’s retail shop. When his woman gets involved with another man things get brewing with him, he lives in the basement of another person’s home, and he loves his son. He just can’t seem to get things right, and so he vows to beat his woman’s new man at a marathon. He hasn’t completed anything in his life, so how is he going to complete this marathon. You just won’t stop laughing throughout the movie, and he is a genius. A great movie to enjoy and watch.


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A guy who is just trying to enjoy life!


  1. That sounds funny … i might try to give it a watch if i find it :)

  2. Purgatory

    I was waiting for that fat sidekick of his to show up, but he never did, some good moments, but waiting for the next project, I think this project was just a filler for him.

  3. I heard about this movie, is it really that good?

  4. Laialy: yup!!

    Purg: I enjoyed it, especially the Indian Coach!

    KWT23: its pretty good for a laugh!

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