HTPC Transplant


I have had a Home Theater PC for some time now, and it has turned it one of my most essential sources of media. I thought I could sustain my usage with a small factor PC but because of the HD quality movies and TV series that I have been downloading it just couldn’t handle the usage, the Mini-ATX wasn’t cutting it.


So I have upgrade and transplanted some parts into my new HTPC from Silverstone, it could fit 6 Hard Drives, ATX motherboard, and everything else. Turns out it isn’t completely the case, who ever designed it packed everything in extremely tight. With my configuration I could barely fit everything in, cooling was very important for this heavy duty machine.


K pretty much redid all the wiring and hardware configuration done in Hawally, it was completely rewired due to bad wiring. We moved the hard drives around as well. Instead of taking 1 hour for the software install after getting the hard installed, supposedly ready, we had to reconfigure the hardware and start again from there. Thanks to K for being a stickler for neatness and airflow.

New Specs:

  • Silverstone LC16M
  • Intel Core 2 Quad Core Q6600 2.4GHz
  • Gigabyte GA-EX38-DS4
  • 2 GB 1066 Mhz Corsair Ram
  • ATI 2600 XT 256 MB DDR4
  • 3 X 750 GB Hard Drives (Total 2.25 Terabytes of Space)


After all those hours we managed to get things up and running, while things were downloading we went out to get some food from Maki. There was a lot of traffic but K had the navigation and I had the driving, it was more like rally then a drive. I want to thank all the police for keeping all the riff raff on the roads in check. When we got the food, we ate like there was no tomorrow while continuing the install and updates, everything is completely operational. The tweaking will be left for another time.
















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  1. Loca in Kuwait

    MAKI!!!!!! YABEELA!!!! hehe sorry to many NBK commercials, but I love Maki, I adore Maki! I live in front of Maki, so I have been a regular customer for a couple of years. I love the beef with spring onions, but you have to have some mentos handy. Glad to see that your feeling better, Maki can make a sick man hungry! :0)

  2. Loca in Kuwait

    Oh yes I forgot to tell you congrats on your new improved HTPC, I was caught up in Maki.. But glad you got everything worked out in the PC dept, we have an IT person who thinks he is the guru of hardware. But guru he isnt, every time he gets his hands on a cpu when he is finished it makes clanky noises

  3. 1080P + 720P + OSXBMC + Mac Mini = Perfect Media Center
    Windows is too bloated if you need a super machine to playback 1080p.

  4. Mark:
    You don’t need a super-pc … Marzouq just likes to do things in overkill.

  5. Mark:
    Also, can you do any of the following with your mac-mini xbmx?:

    1. Play games
    2. Add a BluRay drive
    3. Add Harddrives (internally)
    4. HDCP/HDMI
    5. 5.1 Surround (internally)
    6. Upgrade anything

  6. never had maki before, what was your order, shrimps?

  7. This is one of my favorite posts now. Congrats on the setup! :-)

  8. Loca: Maki is really good, and hits the spot sometimes! Thanks, the beef with the sping onions is just so damn good! Clanky noise is bad!

    Mark: I like overkill, to clear everything in its path! Much better then what you specified!!

    K: Exactly!

    pearls: chopped shrimp tempura, Issa Maki, Beef with Spring onions, Creamy lobsters, and thats about it. Its good check it out!

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