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Monichum Got Hit


It isn’t as bad as it sounds but it was as bad as it looked. We were riding last Friday as posted earlier, and after breakfast we wanted to continue down the Gulfroad to KPC then to our friend. There were a few nut cases on the road, but this woman topped it off. After Al Seef Palace we saw this black Honda Civic driving a little fast, after the round about monichum went ahead and I was right after him when she swerved in my way, I back off a bit and K was behind me in his car.

When there was an opening, the road was empty except for the black Honda Civic, I took off to catch up with Monichum and K right behind us as usual, but she was driving like a maniac or rally car driver we couldn’t figure it out. We were going at a fast pace but we slow down for the red light, we were taking it easy after the last curve before the light. I saw K behind me and Monichum already at the light in the left lane, I stopped in the right and K in the middle.

After stopping at that light for at least 8 seconds I heard this loud braking screech. Only to see the black Honda Accord stuff herself between K and Monichum, K moved his car into my lane to avoid getting hit and I saw that Monichum managed to move and was still standing. All four of her tires were still in smoke, when the light turned green we moved and wanted to stop up ahead but Monichum didn’t move, I could see him in my side view mirror something was wrong. We both stopped to go back, and we wanted to check on him.

Turns out she didn’t miss Monichum, her side view mirror was hanging off her car, she broke her side view mirror on Monichum’s elbow. He was pissed but very calm, the women was about to cry but he told her to leave. He kept calm even though he wanted to blow up, she was driving like an idiot and to my “surprise” (I’m being sarcastic) she turned out to be muhajabah. Why is it always that case, do muhajabaat really hate bikers to the point they want to take them out. Lucky for Monichum the jacket took a majority of the impact at the elbow protection point, but still. We were stopped at a light and she almost took him out.